The New Deal

Our friend Ernie Young sent this picture to me and thought it was worthy of a look. At the time of this photograph, Crete Crawford owned the New Deal Bar but Mr. Young’s fond memories consist mainly of the 60’s and very early 70’s when Marty and Joe were the owners. The New Deal was a favorite hangout for Ernie, his friends, his father and many other men of Ellwood.

      Mr. Young shared some of his memories of the New Deal from back in the day. Memories of his first legal drink at the bar served by Marty and bought for him by Sam Minnocci. I’m sure there are plenty of memories to be shared by others.
If you look close, the sign hanging on the mirror, declares that attire to be worn after 7pm.
Ernie does recall that the New Deal from his memories was a stand up bar; no stools to sit on but if you were tired, there was a foot rail to rest on. Lamb and Kibbie were the food that people flocked there to get. As you may know, the building that housed the New Deal beside Rubino’s is gone. Thank you Ernie for the picture and the memories.
A number of you shared your memories but unfortunetly, they were lost. Please share your memories below or email me at

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  1. Mark could you please email me at Vinny Krug @, no spaces. my friend’s father was Marty. she would love a copy of this photo or any others you might have.

    1. It’s so nice to see this stuff and it helps me because I’m trying to recreate some of the bar at my house. My Uncle Sal Cogliano was owner also with Marty. I love anything to do with the bar. It keeps uncle Sal memory alive.

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