How to make your dental surgery website a marketing tool

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The world of marketing is based on SEO and your position on Google. And in 2022, more people than ever before are looking for straightforward ways to boost the search engine optimisation of their online presence.

And as many people are aware, one of the best marketing tools that are available for dental surgeries is the surgery website, which is more than a surgery page simply highlighting what it is that their dental surgery team can do and the services that they can provide.

So, what is it that you can do that will help your dental surgery website to stand out and compete with others surgery pages online? This article will explore some of the top tips for helping make your dental surgery page a successful marketing tool.

Speed it up!

If you’ve ever been onto a web page that has been slow to load, the chances are that you have clicked off it and searched for the next web page on the search engine results. So, one way you can ensure that your potential dental patients will visit your dental websites home page is to speed it up. This is where having a marketing team to help can be extremely useful, as they will be able to compress images and offer other ways to help your home page load quickly and keep people engaged.

Keep it unique

You will also need to have a blog for your website to be successful, and a key feature of a successful surgery website for dental teams is that every article in the blog is unique. This is because the Google algorithm does not list plagiarised or similar content highly, so you will need a marketing team of writers to help you create original content for your surgery page, highlighting exactly what it is that you and your dental team can offer to patients.

Logical layout

In a similar vein, the Google algorithm does not like websites that do not follow a logical layout. This is because the Google bots need to skim the page to find the keywords, so your surgery page will need to follow a logical layout. Once again, a marketing team can help you to create this.

Mobile accessibility

Person Holding Silver Iphone 7

The majority of people in 2022 will be accessing websites and the internet via smartphones or mobile devices such as tablets. In order for you to compete successfully and have your surgery page become a successful marketing tool, you need to ensure that it is optimised for mobile devices. This means that somebody will be able to access your surgery page via their smartphone without the homepage being slow, stretched or glitching.

Regular updates

Back to the Google algorithm! It does not like surgery websites that are not updated regularly, and this is why having an active blog can be very useful for SEO and marketing. Ideally, you will be aiming to update the blog at least once a week with unique content, which will keep you at the top of search engine pages. This may seem tricky, but it is another advantage of hiring a marketing team.

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