What You Need to Know About Security Doors

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Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a security door is only as effective as its weakest part. Depending on your budget and desired security level, when you consider adding a security door to your home, you should discuss your options with their local security door provider. Less expensive security doors are often made of steel but are bolted into the wooden framing around the door.

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That arrangement potentially leaves exposed gaps between the steel door and the weaker wooden frame that may be accessible to a crowbar.

A more secure solution replaces the wooden fixing frame with a steel fixing frame that bolts into the home’s brickwork or other framing. The steel fixing frame is more robust and easily handles the steel door’s weight. It also allows the welding of robust hinges to the fixing frame for greater security. The steel-fixing frame is best paired with steel cover strips. These cover gaps between the door, the fixing frame, and the structure to eliminate the opportunity for burglars to use a crowbar on the door.

Using a steel-fixing frame and steel cover strips eliminates weak links in your home’s security chain. These features provide a more robust security solution and allow for more customized options that match your specific needs.


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