Veterans of Ellwood City

All of us at Ellwood City Memories feel that we can not show enough appreciation to all of the men and women that served our country in the armed forces. With all of our heart, we thank you.

A number of years ago Keith H. Hazen exhaustively put together a book listing those of Ellwood City and the surrounding area who served in the United States Military to defend our country and provide the freedoms we enjoy today. The large book is entitled “Those Who Served” and is a tribute to all who served. We are only listing the names mentioned in the book here as the details Mr. Hazen provided would fill our allocated space on the internet.

As much work Mr. Hazen put into this great tribute, there are still men and women that may have been missed or those that have enlisted since the book was published. If someone from our area is unlisted below, please let us know so we can add their name. We would also like to add it to the list Mr. Hazen created so please include; name, date of birth, place of birth, parents name, mothers maiden name, wife or husband’s name, Wife’s maiden name, branch, rank he or she achieved, conflict veteran served, where, the dates of service, what outfit or ship, awards earned, and any other pertinent info concerning military service.

Click on the Letters Below to View the Heroes in Order By Last Name

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Abbaticchio, John P. (Korean War) Infantry – Details Below

Abbaticchio, Martin R. (Korean War) Army – Detaisl Below

Abbaticchio, Robert C. (Air Force) – Details Below

Aiken, Ben P.

Aiken, David W.

Aiken, Harry

Aiken, Paul J.

Aiken, Robert D.

Albano, Salvatore

Albota, Sgt. Ronald

Alfreda, Emmett – Medic Korean War

Alfreda, Joe

Alfreda, Nick – (Silver Star, Purple Hearts, & Bronze Stars) – WW2 POW and escaped served in three invasions – North Africa, Sicily, Normandy.

Alfreda, Tom

Anderson, Ben Jr.

Anderson, Donald – U.S. Army

Anderson, Milton

Anderson, Robert C.

Anderson, Robert L.

Andrews, Burley O.

Andrews, Mark C. – Army Artillery Officer

Androlia, William

Angelucci, Anthony C.

Anicet, Alfred

Anicet, Andy

Aniceti, Andrew – WWII

Aniceti, John

Aniceti, John – WWI 6th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division

Antonelli, Guido

Arket, Anthony J.

Arket, Eugene C.

Arket, Sgt. Eugene

Arket, Wm. Frank

Arkwright, James A.

Arkwright, Norman J.

Arkwright, Ralph F.

Atkinson, Donald

Atkinson, Lt. Robert

Atkinson, Sgt. Don

Atkinson, Sgt. Ray

Babcock, Alvin B.

Babcock, Pfc. Chester

Baird, Charles C. – WWI

Baker, Charles B.

Baker, Dennis R. – Vietnam KIA – Details Below

Baker, Lt. Richard

Bales, Edward – WWII

Bales, Oliver – WWII

Balin, SSgt Douglas – U.S Army in Bosnia & U.S Air Force in Afghanistan

Balutes, Sgt. Charles

Baney, Frank Jr.

Baney, Robert E. Jr

Barber, Walter S.

Barensfield, Capt. Robert

Barkley, Raymond E.

Barjuca, John – Korea – See Details Below

Barkley, Raymound E.

Barnett, James E.

Barnett, Pfc. Donald

Barry, Sam J.C.

Bartella, Pvt Guido

Bartella, Pvt Waldo

Bartle, Sgt. Ben Jr

Bartle, William D.

Bartle, Willis E.

Bartolomeo, Albert

Bartolomeo, Orlando

Barton, M. – Civil War

Bartos, Thomas E. – WWII

Bates, Donald E. – Navy – See Details Below

Bates, Cpl. W.

Bauer, James Oliver

Baungartner, Pvt. J.A.

Baxter, Elijah – Civil War

Beacham, Mark

Beachem, Mark

Beatrice, Joseph A.

Beatrice, Robert J.

Beeler, Thomas

Beeler, Thomas

Beldon, Robert B.

Bell, Edward H. Tech Sgt – WWII

Bell, Henry – KIA WWII in France

Bell, Sgt. Henry

Bell, William – US Navy – WWII

Bellissimo, Cpl. Dominick

Bellissimo, Dominick P.

Bellissimo, Frank – Korea

Bellissimo, Jim – WWII & Korea

Bellissimo, Joe

Beltz, David W.

Bender, Frederick M. Jr

Bender, Henry David – Navy – WWII – Details Below

Bender, John – WWII US Army – Details Below

Bender, John Jr. – WWII – Details Below

Bender, William – Army – WWII – Details Below

Benn, David W.

Bennet, Frank

Bennet, Guy J.

Bennet, Solomon – War of 1812

Bennet, William – Revolutionary War

Bentrim, George Martin – U.S. Army – Details Below

Berend, Cpl. Herman

Berendt, Martin

Berezniak, John

Best, Raymond H.

Bevivine, Joseph

Beza, Walter

Bianco, John E.

Biega, John A.

Biega, Pfc. Felix

Bingle, Franklin

Bingle, Kenneth R.

Bingle, Paul

Bingle, Pvt. William

Bintrim, Carl G.

Bischoff, Gary

Black, John

Blaine, James A.

Blair, Sandy K.

Blank, Bill – WWII

Blank, Howard – WW II

Blank, Ken – WWII

Blatchford, Alfred L.

Blazin, Geoffrey – Vietnam War

Blazin, George – WWII – Navy

Bleakney, CPO Ken “Dutch”

Blinn, Donald L. – WWII

Blinn, Harvey – WWI

Boariu, Emil

Bober, John P.

Boccardi, Pat C.

Bochn, Lt. Michael A.

Boehn, Michael A.

Bolforn, Sgt. Edwin E.

Bonzo, John – Korean War

Bonzo, Meredith

Bonzo, Pfc. John R.

Booher, Darrell

Booher, Robert K.

Book, Jack – Civil War

Book, Sgt. M.

Bookamer, Edward V. – WWII

Bookamer, George E.

Bookamer, Sgt Walter

Bookmer, Edward, V.

Boone, Sgt. Edward K.

Boots, Edward D.

Boots, Edward Jr

Boots, Edward N. – Civil War

Boots, Henry E.

no images were found

Boots, Larry E. – Vietnam

Boots, Norman C.

Boots, Paul – WWII

Boots, Lt. Thomas H.

Boots, William B. – WWI

Boots, William D. – Civil War

Boren, Clifford E.

Bosley, Boyd A.

Bower, Lt F.C. “Duke”

Bowers, John (Jack)

Bowers, Robert L.

Bowers, Theadore

Bowers, William J.

Boy, John Jr.

Boydell, John

Boyer, Glenn R.

Boyer, L/C Larry E. – Vietnam KIA – Details Below

Boyer, Sgt. Harry

Bracken, Robert

Braykovich, Frank

Breier, Thomas

Brenneman, William Stamm – WWII details below

Brenner, Kenneth M.

Brest, Rev. Perry D.

Brown, Dale A, Jr.

Brown, Dale A. Sr.

Brown, David L. – Vietnam KIA – Details Below

Brown, Kenneth J, Jr.

Brown, Kenneth J. Sr.

Brown, Robert O.

Buccelli, Carmen – Awarded Silver Star in WWII, 5 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart

Buda, Louis F.

Bunzo, Theophilus L. – Civil War

Bupp, Linton G

Buquo, Chester

Burke, Paul R.

Burnell, Ernest Sr.

Burnell, Sophia Risko

Burr, Elmer Andrew – WWI

Bushyeager, William A.

Bushyeager, William H.

Bushyeager, Wm Andrew

Butler, Tom – Army, Airborne

Buzzelli, Bob

Cable, Damon W. – Airforce

Cable, Ellwood “Bert” – WWII

Cable, James D. – Navy (vietnam era)

Cahill, David D – US Navy – Details Below

Cahill, Robert Patrick – Army – WWII – Details Below

Calve, Joseph F.

Campbell, Bud

Campbell, Bud

Campbell, Robert

Campbell, Wayne

Campbell, William P.

Cancelliere, Richard

Capello, Frank – WWII details below

Caplan, Aaron

Caplan, Milton

Capp, Pfc. Michael

Cappello, Richard A.

Carbeau, Lt. Charles

Carlson, Albert A.

Carosi, Arcangelo – WWII

Carothers, Merlin R.

Carozza, Vincent

Carr, Carl A.

no images were found

Carroza, Michael

Carroza, Phyliss – Marine Corp – WWII – Details Below

Carsele, Jack R.

Carver, William E.

Cashdollar, Howard – WWII

Castellani, Carl

Castellani, Carl

Casuccio, Anthony C. Jr

Cataldo, Victor

Cater, Wilbur F.

Cavalier, Earl J.

Cavalier, Herbert A.

Cavalier, Louis A.

Cearfoss, Jack

Cearfoss, Raymond W.

Cearfoss, Robert H.

Celli, Anthony

Chapman, Sgt. Robert

Charles, Richard E. (Dick) – U.S. Army

Charles, Wm. M. (Jack), Jr. – Major General – U.S. Air Force served in Viet Nam flying fighter-bombers.

Charron, Andre Michael – Navy – Desert Storm

Chesko, Randall – Navy – More Details Below

Chesko, Robert D. – Marine – Korean War Details Below

Chieze, Arthur J. – WWII

Christie, Clarence

Christie, William

Christy, Glenn G.

Cioe, Dominick

Cioe, Pvt Benjamin

Cipro, Pfc Silvio

Ciramella, Ben

Ciramella, Frank C.

Ciro, Tony

Cistolo, Carmine – WWI 6th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division

Cistolo, Felix

Clark, Allen

Clark, Carl E.

Clark, James – Civil War

Clark, Joseph R. – WWI

Clark, Randall H. – Vietnam – United States Marine – Details Below

Clark, Robert A. – WWII – Marine – Details Below

Clarke, Edwin

Cleary, Sgt. Francis Jr

Cleland, Pvt Arthur B.

Clyde, Don – US Navy – Details Below

Clyde, Grant

Coast, Alfred W. – Marine – WWII

Coblentz, Larry C.

Coblentz, Lawrence Neil – US Coast Guard – Details Below

Cochran, Joseph – Army – Details Below

Cohen, Victor

Colao, Vito

Cole, Bill – POW

Cole, Cpl. Charles H

Cole, James D. Sr

Cole, Loren Lee – Navy – Details Below

Cole, Lynn A. – Navy – Details Below

Collins, George R. – WWI

Collins, James B. – WWI

Collins, John W.

Collins, John W. – WWII

Collins, Lt. William “Rip”

Colsvincenzo, John W.

Condrow, Sgt. James

Conforti, Ralph – World War II

Conner, Loren E.

Conti, Albert

Conti, Carmen – WWII

Conti, Joseph N.

Contino, Albert B.

Conway, H.H. – Civil War

Conway, John – WWII

Cook, Dale L.

Cook, Dave – WWII – Navy

Cook, David

Copeland, Walter J. – Spanish American War

Copper, Nathaniel

Copper, Robert C.

Corrigan, Michael J.

Costa, James R.

Costa, Paul

Court, Anthony Sr.

Court, Wm. N. – U.S.Army – W.W.II.

Cowan, James F.

Cowan, John E. Cowan – WWII – Army/Air Corp.

Cowan, Norman Lee

Cox, Merle E.

Crable, John V.

Crans, Richard L.

Craven, John V.

Crawford, Eugene

Crawford, Eugene E.

Crepp, Howard

Crespo, John T.

Crespo, John T. Jr

Crespo, Larry

Crespo, Lawrence J. Sr.

Cristley, Sgt Stanley J.

Crowe, Robert A.

Crowley, John D.

Crowther, Thomas D.

Cucunato, Joseph F.

Cumo, Larry Lawrence

Cunningham, Wayne

Cupac, Robert

Curry, George D.

Curry, Robert W.

Curtaccio, John

Curtaccio, Pfc. Melvin

Cusato, Dominick, A.

Cusato, Samuel A.- WWII – Silver Star Details Below

Cynkar, Pvt. John

D-F »

Dallies, Howard E.

Dallies, William J.

D’Aloliso, George

Damato, Nicholas R.

Dambach, Harvey O.

Damico, Domenick

Dan, John G.

Daransky, John – WWII – Navy – Details Below

Daufen, King J.

Davidson, Ray

Davis, George R.

Davis, Jessica (Tallon) , SSgt, USAF, served 2001 – present, OEF, OIF.

Davis, Sgt. Robert

DeAngelo, Frank

Dean, Thomas – US Army – Viet Nam

DeCamplie, Nick

DeCarbo, Peter

DeCecio, Andy

Dec, Frank W.- US Army – See Details Below

Dec, Stanley L. – U.S. Army – See Details Below

Dechant, Harry J.

Decicio, Andrew D.

Deemer, Clifford R.

Deemer, Harry E.

Deemer, Willard F.

Deemer, William S. – WWII

DeFilippo, Casper W.

DeLisilo, Orlando

DeLoia, Louis E.

DeLrosso, William D.

DeMarco, Frank

DeMark, Robert

Demas, Louis J.

DeMasse, Sgt. Joseph

DeMaura, Frank M.

Denco, John V.

Derrow, Danny – Vietnam

Derrow, Elmer L.

Derrow, Walter Jack

DeSanzo, Eugene C.

DeVrias, Calvin

Diamond, David

DiAmore, Louis

DiBiagio, John – WWII

DiCerbo, Marco

DiEgdie, Troy

DiFrischia, Sgt. Albert

DiLeonardo, Pfc Pete

Dobi, Louis

Dobinski, Frank

Dobson, Forrest

Doherty, Pvt. Edward

Dokovich, Joseph

Donley, Sgt. Louis J.

Dooley, Robert

Dornick, Herman

Douds, Elmer W. – WWI

Douglas, Chester A. – WWI

Doutt, Joseph C.

Dripps, Lloyd E.

Drotleff, Herman “Robert” – WWII – Details Below

Drotleff, Sgt. Walter

Drotleff, William

Duff, Floyd J – Korea

Duff, Glenn W.

Duffy, Bernard

Dunbar, Pvt Harry M.

Dunbar, Sgt. Melvin

Duncan, William L. Sr.

Dunning, James A.

Dunning, John C. Details Below

Durbin, George

Eakin, Samuel – Civil War

Ehrhart, T.A. – Spanish American War

Eichenbarger, Raymond R.

Eichenlaub, Edward B. – US Army Engineers

English, Robert J.

Eonta, Paul A.

Estkowski, Robert J.

Estkowski, S/Sgt. Chester

Evans, David W 1968- 1970

Evans, David W Jr. 1992-1996

Evans, Jack – Civil War

Evans, James Daniel – WWII – Marines

Evans, Robert F.

Evans, Stanley W. Jr

Evans, Theodore G. – WWII – Details Below

Evans, William W. – WWll

Fair, William T.

Falen, Pvt. Leonard

Falen, Walter G. WWII (Details Below)

Falotico, Frank A.

Farcus, Sgt. Louis Jr.

Farinelli, Joseph D.

Fatula, James J. Sr.

Faurie, Lafe M.

Fazioli, Guido

Fellner, Pvt. Ernest

Fenechi, Earl A.

Ferrante, Joseph A.

Ferrante, Nicholas

Ferrante, Ronald – Vietnam – Details Below

Ferrante, Sam

Ferrara, Pvt. John

Ferrese, Anthony – WWII

Ferrigno, Nick

Ferrucci, Cpl. Louis

Ferrucci, Sgt. Albert

Ferruchie, James

Ferruchie, Orlando

Figurel, Jacob Jr. – US ARMY

Figurel, Robert E.

Fiori, Ernest A.

Fisher, Dennis G. ‘Denny’ – Marine Corp – Vietnam

Fisher, Lt. William M.

Fisher, MSgt Jenifer MSgt USAF

Fisher, Stephen

Fisher, William A.

Fisher, William D. USAF – Afghanistan,

Flecher, Edmund – US Navy, WWII

Flecher, Philip, Jr. – Major, USMC, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan

Flecher, Philip, Sr. – US Navy, Cuban Missile Crisis

Fleischer, Suzanne I. – Vietnam, USN DT4 1969-73

Foley, James J. – US Navy – WWII

Foley, Robert E.

Follett, Larry J.

Fontana, Raymond A Fontana – WWII.

Forbush, Chauncy J.

Ford, Joseph M.

Forsythe, Glenn J

Foschi, Michael N. – WWII

Foschi, S. Albert – WWII

Fosnaught, Charles D.

Fosnaught, John W. served Army in Vietnam 7/24/1969 to 3/14/1971.

Fosnaught, Patrick

Fox, Richard

Francis, Norman O. – WWII

Francis, Pfc. William R.

Franus, Aloyoius (Wish) Patrick – Navy – WWII

Franus, Chester – WWII – Marines

Franus, Patrick Anthony – Air Force – Details Below

Franus, Victor – WWII – Army

Franze, F3/C John

Frazier, James T. – Civil War

Frazier, John N. – Civil War

Frederick, Paul – Vietnam

Freed, David – Civil War

Freed, Jacob – War of 1812

Freed, Peter – Civil War

Friday, William H. – WWII

Friedrich, Fredrick – Civil War

Frisk, Fredrick F.

Funari, Ernest – Details Below

Funari, Onaroto “Rush”

Funkhowser, William T. – Civil War

Fury, John G. Fury – WWII – U.S.Army

Fury, Louis D. – WWII US Navy

G-J »

Gaiser, John C.

Galati, Vincent

Gallagler, Raymond H.

Gallaher, Henry W.

Gamble, David John – Vietnam KIA – Details Below

Garbett, Charles

Gardner, Joseph E. – USMC – Vietnam

Garwig, Jack

Gaskell, William Jr.

Gasper, Joseph

Gasper, Joseph

Gasper, Mike

Gatto, Angelo

Gatto, Lou L.

Gatto, Luois

Gatto, Ray

Gatto, Rocco

Gatto, Rudy

Gearhart, Wm B.

Geary, S/Sgt. Joseph

Gebhart, Gary J.

Geniviva, Albert A.

Genova, Sgt. Frank J. – US Army – WWII

Gentile, Fred

George, Jeff

Gettings, Robert L.

Giasser, Gerald W.

Gibb, Pvt. George

Gibb, Pvt. Nick

Gibson, Wilfred A.

Gillespie, Charles R.

Gillespie, Don

Gillespie, William Kennedy

Gioffre, Joseph, Sr – Awaded Silver Star in WWI

Gisondi, Dan – WWII

Glass, Robert Kelly – US Army, WWII

Glitsch, James Kenneth – WWII

Glogowski, Henry

Gordon, John – USMC – Vietnam – Details Below

Gordon, Tom – Air Force – Vietnam

Gorzkowski, Stephen

Gottuso, James

Gottuso, James V.

Gottuso, William R. II

Graham, Nelson G.

Graham, Robert C. – WWII

Greco, Charles

Greco, Joseph J.

Green, Hardin

Green, Jack “Scotty”

Greenberg, Larry

Greenberg, Pvt. Max

Greene, Lloyd P.

Greene, Robert T.

Greenwood, Raymond H.

Greger, Fred

Gretchen, Mark

Grine, Harry E.

Grinnen, Robert K.

Grinnen, Robert N.

Gross, William E.

Gumienny, Edward C.

Gunn, Jean Ricciuti

Gurgacz, Pfc. Joseph

Guy, David R.

Guy, Harvey R. – Marine – Okinawa Details Below

Guy, Henry S. – Civil War Details Below

Guy, Moses – War of 1812 Details Below

Guy, Moses Lorenzo – Civil War Details Below

Gwin, Wilfred E.

Hahn, Frederick F.

Haines, Thomas E.

Haklo, Frank – WWII

Haklo, S/Sgt. William – WWII

Hall, Charles W.

Hall, Dorathea

Hall, Francis G.

Hall, George E.

Hamilton, Edward G.

Hamilton, William A.

Hamm, Robert W.

Hamm, Robert W.

Hampton, George T.

Hamrick, Robert

Hardie, James A. S/Sgt – served WWII –

Hardie, William – served WWII

Hardy, Pvt. Woodrow

Harper, Lt. James A.

Harper, Paul Leeroy – World War II as a Medical Technician

Harris, Sgt. Thomas

Hart, Merle D. – Air Force, Brigadier General – <a href=””>Details online</a>

Hartman, Sameul L.

Hassen, Mustapha

Haswell, Lloyd – – Vietnam – US Marine – Details Below

Haswell, Lloyd E. Sr. – WWII – Details Below

Hawk, Pfc. Dan

Hayden, Michael A.

Haydo, Joseph – WWII ARMY Air Corp

Haydo, Julius Jr. WWII – Battle of the Bulge

Haydo, William J. – VIETNAM – U.S. Coast Guard

Hayes, Clem – WWI

Hazen, Bruce H.

Hazen, Cynthia L.

Hazen, John B. – Civil War

Hazen, Keith H.

Hazen, Mark G.

Hazen, Robert D.

Hazen, Ronald A.

Hazen, S/Sgt. Robert “Jiggs”

Hazen, T/S Keith H. Jr.

Hazen, Thomas Russ – WWI

Hazen, Wayne L. – Air Force – Korean War

Headland, C. Paul

Heckathorn, David – Civil War

Heinz, Pfc Gus

Hellencamp, William B.

Hemskey, Joe

Hemsky, Joseph

Henderson, William – Civil War

Hertzog, John – Civil War

Hess, Harry

Hess, Harry M.

Hessler, S/Sgt Eugene

Hill, Samuel

Hill, Seaman Robert W.,Jr. – Korea

Hintzel, Sgt. Michael

Hladney, Edward J.

Hlebinsky, Kyle R.

Hockenberry, Pvt. Walker

Hoffman, Donald

Hogue, Don – U.S. Army Security Agency – Details Below

Hogue, Thomas E.

Holbein, Wilson E.

Hollenbeck, Randy

Holler, Howard W.

Hollschwander, Pvt. George

Honneffer, Chris E. – USAF

Honneffer, Eric S. – Navy

Honneffer, John C.

Honneffer, Pfc. Hildreth

Honneffer, Richard H. Jr. – Army

Hood, James – Civil War

Hoover, Max

Hope, Bob

Horneck, Charles – Civil War

Horner, David M. – Civil War

Hornick, Charles – Civil War

Hornick, George B. – WWI

Horvath, Am. Robert C.

Horvath, P/O Charles R.

Houk, Blaine M.

Houk, Clayton details below

Houk, Cloise, Jr

Houk, E.N. – Civil War

Houk, Harold L.

Houk, Paul details below

Houk, Pfc. Clyde C.

Houk, Sgt.Elmer

Houk, William C. – WWII (Historical Society has copy of his flight journal/ 37 missions)

Howells, J. Donald

Hudson, Walter

Huffman, Donald – WWII (Tarawa, South Pac.)

Huffman, Donnie – Vietnam (Received Navy Cross)

Hughes, Pfc. William E.

Hughes, William

Humphrey, Samuel M. – Civil War

Hunter, Charles

Huzinec, S/Sgt. George

Ialongo, Claude

Ialongo, Ernest

Ialongo, Glaudino

Ickes, Edgar A – Navy – WWII

Ierino, Pfc. Sam

Ifft, Pvt. Robert W.

Ippolito, Richard T.

Ippolito, Robert A.

Irwin, James T.

Isabella, Joseph

Ivey, William E.

Jackson, Andrew – Civil War

Jackson, Fred A. Jr

Jacobs, George

James, Pvt. Michael

Janusz, Stanley A.

Januszkiewicz, Joseph

Jeannette, Frank

Jeannette, Patsy

Jenkins, Howell J. – WWII

Jessop, Donald Ray

Jessop, Colonel Paul DuWayne – WWII USAF – Details Below

Jinar, Amil. Victor

Jinar, Benjamin

Jinar, George

Jinar, Jerome

Jinar, John

Jiuboldi, Fred

John, Daniel R. Sr

Johnston, Charles S.

Johnston, Ronnie

Jones, Ensign Thomas

Jones, Lloyd T.

Jones, S/Sgt. Wilbur

Jubach, George

Jubach, Robert

Jubach, Ronald G.

Jumia, Anthony A.

K-M »

Kaminski, Anthony

Kanzleiter, Louis R.

Kardish, Edward

Kardish, Henry G. – Korean War

Karner, John Jr.

Kasper, Joseph

Kaufman, C. Herschel

Kaufman, Dale E.

Kaufman, S/Ic Clifford J.

Keane, Gerald William – WWII – Details Below

Keefer, Derian D.

Kegal, William C.

Keisling, H. Eugene – served WWII – honorably discharged

Keisling, Gary – served Vietnam – honorably discharged

Keller, Ben

Kelly, Willis E. – Army – Korean War

Kelty, Perc

Kemp, Dale M.

Kettler, Corain G.

Kettler, Lt. Lorain

Kildoo, Harold

Kimmel, John H.

King, Warren J.

Kingston, Donald L. Jr

Kingston, Donald L. Sr

Kirkman, Charles N.

Kirkwod, Walter R.

Kirkwood, Harry W.

Kirkwood, Roy

Kline, Bernard S.

Kline, John Walter

Klinensmith, Cyrus M.

Kloss, John

Knight, Dave

Knight, James F. – WWII

Knight, Paul

Knight, Russell – US Navy – Vietnam – Details Below

Knox, J.W. – Civil War

Knox, James W. – Civil War

Koach, Glenn

Koach, Grover – WWI

Koach, Loyd

Koah, Lyle – WWII

Kocher, Harry A. – Korean War details below

Kocher, Harry A. Jr.

Kocher, Robert – World War II details below

Kohlmetz, Edward

Kolch, Frank M.

Kolhmeyer, Harold Jr

Kolish, Janet M.

Kondrasuk, George

Kondrasuk, Jack

Konyak, Joseph

Korn, Pfc. John III

Koscho, Rudolf

Kosho, Rudy

Kozol, John J.

Krabs, Bill – WWII – Concentration Camp liberator

Krachinsky, Louis

Kraus, Charles J. ‘Chick

Kraus, Stanley B.

Krebb, S/Sgt. William S.

Krestel, Wm S.

Kriegisch, Charles

Kroll, Frank M. Rev

LaCava, Joseph H.

LaCava, Lawrence M. – WWII

Lagana, Anthony – WWII

Lagana, Frank – WWII

Lagana, Gloria Jean (Bernard) – Details Below

Lagana, Philip – WWII

Lagana, Samuel – WWII

Laitinen, Michael Paul – Navy – Vietnam Details Below

Laitinen, Tovio Gabriel Jr. – Sgt, Marine Corps – Vietnam Details Below

Laitinen, Tovio Gabriel Sr. – Army – WWII Details Below

Lample, William

Lane, William G. – WWII

Lanza, Eugene F.

Larson, David C. details below

Lash, Clarence J. – WWI

Lasure, Chandler W. – Civil War

Laszlo, Emery Jr.

Laszlo, Julius

Laszlo, Lt. George G. – WWII – To See Great Article About Mr. Laszlo Click Here – Written by Louise Carroll

Lathem, William

Latiano, Raymond A.

Laurich, Frank Jr.

Leech, Albert J.

LeHaven, Walter – WWI

Lentz, Ens. Clinton

Leposki, Emery

LeRoy, John

LeRoy, Merle R.

Lewchenko, John R. – WWII – Details Below

Lewis, Pvt. Park A.

Lewis, Winfield S. – WWI

Leymarie, Louis Sr.

Linville, Paul F.

Listeria, Joseph L.

Listorti, Joseph A. LCPL USMC 1964-1967 KIA, Viet Nam

Lloyd, Cpl. Jack

Lobozzo, Charles S.

Lobozzo, Cpl. Anthony

Locke, Tim

Lockhart, Richard W. – Civil War

Lockrouit, Thomas L. – US Navy – See Details Below

Loewy, Anthony J.

Long, Charles “Bud” – USMC

Lordi, Angelo M.

Lozier, Edward – Civil War

Luchka, Joseph

Luke, George

Luman, Nathan C.

Lutz, Robert W.

Luxenberg, Benjamin – WWII – Deatils Below

Luxenberg, David – WWII – Deatils Below

Luxenberg, Eugene – WWII – Deatils Below

Luxenberg, Jeanette WWII, Wac

Luxenberg, Marvin – WWII – Deatils Below

Luxenberg, Lt. Milton – WWII – Details Below

Luxenberg, Cpl. Stanley – WWII – Details Below

Lykins, Daniel L.

Lynn, John T. – WWI

Mack Chester – WWII Army E5 Details Below

Mack Stanley – WWII Army Air Core Lt. Details Below

Mack, John J. – WWII Army E5 Details Below

Mack, John J. Jr – Navy Details Below

Mackey, Frank D. A1C USAF 1961-1965

Mackey, John P. LCPL USMC 1954-1958

Mackey, R. Scott Sgt USAF 1966-1970 – Details Below – Pictured

Mackey, William C. TSgt USAF 1958-1979 – Details Below – Pictured

MacMurdo, George W.

Magnifico, Nick

Magnifico, Thomas

Maietta, Peter

Main, Andrew J. – Civil War

Main, Clair C. – WWII

Main, James A. – WWII

Main, John – Civil War

Main, Nicholas – Civil War

Main, Philip – Revolutionary War

Main, S/Sgt. Woodrow

Main, Woodrow D. Jr.

Maine, Emmett T. – Coast Guard & US Army – Details Below

Maine, Jack Arthur – US Army – Details Below

Maine, Robert Charles – US Army – Details Below

Maine, William George, Sr. – US Army – Details Below

Makrenos, Pfc. Michael

Malik, John

Mallary, Allen Dale – U.S. Army – World War II

Mallary, Richard – U.S. Army

Manzo, Martin J.

Manzo, Sgt. Emmett

Marcus, William A.

Mariani, Olindo

Marinaccio, Leonard

Marinaccio, Pat S.

Markle, H. Wayne

Markle, Lawrence L.

Markle, Robert B.

Marsano, Amey – WWII

Marshall, Lawrence F.

Marshall, Lt. Donald

Martin, P5/c Robert

Martin, Pfc. John R.

Martin, Pfc. Richard

Masnelli, Joseph Sr.

Massa, T/Sgt. John S.

Matheny, Don – WWII – US Army – Details Below

Matorazzo, Cpl. Camillo

Matthews, William I.

Maxwell, Donald M.

Mazzant, Jacob

Mazzant, Jacob Sr.

Mazzant, Jake Jr.

Mazzant, Sgt. John

Mazzei, Anthony A.

Mazzei, Joseph A. – WWII

McAnallen, Fred – Vietnam

McAnallen, Joseph A.

McBride, William V.

McCandless, Donald G.

McCandless, S/Sgt Charles

McCann, Sgt. Lawrence

McCarthy, S/Sgt. Eugene

McCarty, Donald

McCaskey, James – Civil War

McCaslin, Thomas W.

McClain, James – Civil War

McClintick, Jerry C.

McClintick, William T.

McClintock, Pfc. James J.

McConahy, Nathaniel – Civil War

McConaughey, Cpl. Joseph M.

McDanel, Joseph – War of 1812

McDanel, Mervin R. Jr.

McDaniel, Smith – Civil War

McDevitt, Donald J.

McDevitt, William E. – WWI

McDonald, Charles R.

McElwain, Harold

McElwain, Pfc. Floyd

McElwain, Rev. J. Glen

McElwain, Raymond – WWII

McGlincy, William – WWII – Navy

McKim, John K.

McKinney, Lt. Col. Jack

McKinney, Paul E. “Bus”

McKinney, Walter

McLaughlin, James J.

McPheron, Roger

McQuiston, Norman W.

Means, Sgt. Cornelius C.

Means, Sgt. LeRoy C.

Meason, Pfc. Marvin

Mele, Sgt. Joseph

Melfi, John J.

Melito, James J.

Mellon, Andrew J. – Civil War

Melzer, Robert C.

Meneice, John “Jack”

Menice, Robert E.

Mercuri, Vincent Sr.

Mervis, Alan – Korean War – Details Below

Meyer, William E. – WWII

Migliorato, Alfred Migliorato

Migliorato, Caroline

Migliorato, Don (Andy) Migliorato

Migliorato, Donny

Migut, Joseph

Miles, Frank A.

Miller, Andrew J. Jr

Miller, Carl E.

Miller, Clifford E.

Miller, Donald J.

Miller, Edward Paul

Miller, Sgt. Hobart

Miller, John M. – WWII – US Army Air Force

Miller, John T. “Yanko” – Korea

Miller, Oscar

Miller, S/Sgt Raymond

Miller, Wayne – Army

Mills, William S.

Millson, Thomas Arthur (Art) – Navy during WWII.

Minett, William A.

Minteer, Donald R.

Moffat, F1/c James

Moffat, Robert R.

Mohr, F. Donald

Mohr, John R.

Mohr, Norman

Mohr, Paul

Mohr, Ralph (Red)

Molito, James

Mondell, John W.

Montani, William

Montrangol, John

Moore, Jeffery

Moore, William

Mora, Pfc. Louis

Morabito, Norman

Morelli, James

Morgan, Luke

Morini, Albert E.

Morini, Angelo S. Jr.

Morrison, Dave

Morrow, Charles – Civil War

Mullin, Samuel C. Jr

Mundo, Sgt. James

Music, Lt Charles – Navy – WWII

Murphy, Tom details below

Murphy, Wetzel

Murry, Cowden – Civil War

Myers, Clinton K.

Myers, William R. Sr.

N-P »

Nash, Toofy

Naticchioni, Earl A.

Nedesky, Victor

Neil, Art

Neve, S/Sgt. Chester J.

Newell, Byron T – WWII

Newell, Harry H.

Newman, Cornelius

Newman, Russell A.

Newton, Dr. Richard L

Newton, Lt. Jack Jr.

Newton, Omer L.

Newton, Pvt Lawrence

Newton, Ralph E.

Newton, Robert N.

Nido, Bill – Korean

Nido, Frank – WWII & Korean

Nido, Jay – Korean

Nocera, Pvt. Joseph

Nye, Andrew (Revolutionary)

Nye, Andrew A.

Nye, Benjamin – Civil War

Nye, Harry Stoner – WWI

Nye, John A. – Spanish American War

Nye, Michael – Civil War

Nye, Michael B. – War of 1812

Nye, Pfc. William

Nye, William S. – WWII

Nygard, Herman M. – WWII

Ochsenhirt, Richard

O’Donnell, Pfc. James

Oldaker, Joseph

Osborne, Monroe

O’Shurak, James

Ottaviani, Dario A.

Ottavio, Angelo

Ottobre, Carl A

Ottobre, Cpl. Rudolf

Owens, Bill

Owens, S/Sgt Jack

Pacella, Arthur B.

Paglia, Anthony – WWII

Palatka, Andrew A.

Palatka, Dan – WWII

Palatka, Joseph C. – WWII

Palatka, Steve – WWII

Palmer, James R. – WWII

Palumbo, Paul

Pander, Earl E.

Parascenzo, Hugh A.

Parisi, Joseph W.

Parker, Charles – WWII

Parker, Henry – Civil War

Parker, Samuel – Civil War

Pasint, Sgt. John

Pasquale, Anthony

Passante, Robert

Patterson, Charles R. – USN

Patterson, David E., Jr. – Navy

Patterson, David E. Sr.

Patterson, David J. Sr – Vietnam

Patterson, George T., Jr. USMC – WWII

Patterson, Robert G.

Patterson, Tyre – USN

Peach, David R.

Peirce, Dale

Pelliccioni, Fred E.

Perell, Thomas

Perno, Jack L.

Perrone, James P.

Pertile, Louis A.

Petro, Alfred

Petro, Arthur

Petro, Bill

Petro, William

Pezzi, Robert – Vietnam – Details Below

Pezzi, Samual A. – Details Below

Pflugh, John F.

Picca, Anthony

Pifer, Fred J.Jr

Piper, Pvt. Walter

Pirrera, Anthony J.

Pishioneri Frank J. During WWII Pennsylvania National Guard. Married with child/not called to serve. Details Below

Pishioneri, Albert

Pishioneri, Albert F. WWII Eighth Air Force – Europe Details Below

Pishioneri, Bruno J. WWII Naval Air Radio Mechanic Details Below

Pishioneri, Earl F. WWII USS Destroyer Chew. Details Below

Pishioneri, James WWII with the occupational forces in Europe Details Below

Pishioneri, James P.

Pishioneri, Joseph D.

Pishioneri, Joseph D. WWII Army Air Forces- Details Below

Pishioneri, Michael

Plum, Clarence “Ted”

Pocza, Louis

Pogozelec, Victor C.

Polis, John – USMC – Vietnam – Details Below

Polis, John – Army – Vietnam – Detaisl Below

Pollak, George H. – U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II – Details Below

Popa, Dan WWII Navy Pacific Theatre

Popa, George WWII Pilot

Popa, Nick WWII Navy Pacific Theatre

Powell, Joseph A.

Powell, Kenneth F.

Powell, Robert W.

Powell, S/Sgt Ralph

Pozsgi, Stephen

Pozza, Louis

Prestia, Frank

Prestia, Guy – WWII – Dachau Concentration Camp Liberator

Prestia, Rocco – WWII

Price, Ken – WWII

Price, Kirtz E. – WWI

Price, Paul D.

Price, S/Sgt Kenneth

Probst, Delmar W.

Pugh, Cpl. Edward

Punzell, Robert G. – WWII – Navy

Puz, Arthur

Puz, John A.

Puz, William J.

Puzz, Arthur E.

Q-S »

Quinn, Warren

Rafacz, Edward

Ramsey, Robert – Civil War

Razzano, Frank

Reale, William

Reda, Ralph N.

Reecher, Albert R.

Reed, Larry B.

Reese, Don

Reese, Master Chief Petty Officer Ernest Paul, Jr. – US Navy – Details Below

Reino, Michael J.

Reino, Sgt. Thomas J. – Details Below

Remler, Charles W.

Remler, Richard I.

Rendos, Joe

Reno, Benjamin – War of 1812

Reuser, Lt. Charles

Reynci, Ralph T.

Reynolds, Ralph T.

Riccardi, Armond

Ricci, Samuel

Ricci, Sgt. John

Ricciuti, Albert

Ricciuti, Anthony

Ricciuti, Enrico

Ricciuti, Saturno

Richards, C. John

Richards, Carl E.

Richards, George S.

Richardson, Fred – WWII details below

Richardson, Tom details below

Risco, Nicholas

Risko, Nicholas C.

Ritorto, Frank Sr. – US Navy

Ritorto, Larry

Robuck, S/Sgt Weller

Rocco, Anthony

Rocco, Nick

Rocco, Vito

Rockyvich, Joseph III – Korean War Details Below

Rodgers, Dale E.

Roebuck, Walter

Roellofs, Paul L.

Ross, Charles World War II – Army – Details Below

Ross, Joseph L. – WWI

Ross, Robert E.

Ross, Robert R. World War II – USMC – Details Below

Rossi, Dominick J.

Rough, Harry J.

Rubino, Cpl. Pat

Ruby, Clifford T. – WWII

Ruby, Howard – WWII

Ruby, Pfc. Howard

Ruby, Pvt. Clifford

Rugh, George R. – WWI

Rugh, James R.

Rugh, Pvt. Charles

Rugh, William J. – WWI

Runyan, Abner – Revolutionary War

Runyan, Charles G. – WWII – Details Below

Runyan, Joseph H. – WWI

Runyan, Thomas – War of 1812

Runyan, Zella L.

Russell, Sgt William

Russo, Albert A.

Russo, Bernie P.

Russo, Dominick C.

Rychlicki, Pfc. Stanley

Sabatino, Patsy J.

Sabo, Leslie Jr. -Sgt USA 1967-1970 Cambodia KIA – Details Below

Sacco, Anthony J.

Salpini, Ernest C.

Sandtish, Michael S.

Santillo, Guy

Santillo, John – WWII

Saunders, Ian

Salvati, Aristo – Navy

Salvati, Lawrence, Sr – WWII – Navy

Salvati, Louis – Army

Schaffer, Bill

Schaffer, Charles L.

Schaffer, Cheuncy P.

Schaffer, Robert “ABE”

Schantz, Robert

Scheidemantle, Howard Eugene – Navel Air Force – WWII – Details Below

Scheidemantle, Laverine

Scheidemantle, Thomas O.

Schilling, Charles E.

Schilling, Merle S.

Schindler, Ruby

Schliffka, Edgar Jr. WWII – Army

Schuller, Ed

Schuster, Carl F. – WWII

Schweinsberg, David Allen – vietnam – US Army

Scoccia, Adam

Shaffer, Chet – WWII

Shaffer, Harold – WWII

Shallenberger, George H.

Shallenberger, John D.

Shanon, Alden (Dick) – WWII

Shingleton, Harold

Shinsky, Andrew R.

Shirey, Harry R.

Shirley, Ronald W.

Shoaf, Curtis E. “”Grub”” details below

Shoaf, Curtis R – Vietnam

Shoaf, Robert R. – WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War

Shoaf, Ronald L. – Korea War details below

Short, Victor

Showalter, R.M. – Civil War

Shrock, Robert A.

Sicard, Leo

Simoff, Boris T.

Simoff, Theodore J – Vietnam

Smith, David F. PFC USA 1966-1969 KIA, Viet Nam

Smith, David S.

Smith, Devon

Smith, Edwin J.

Smith, Floyd L.

Smith, Harold Cliff Sr.

Smith, Loyal G.

Smith, Michael R. – Vietnam – US ARMY – Details Below

Smith, Robert M.

Smith, Thomas A. – Vietnam – Air Force – Details Below

Snare, Jack

Snare, Robert L.

Snare, Ron

Snare, Russel

Snyder, C. Wayne

Sockaci, Cpl. John

Solomon, Bernie – WWII – Concentration Camp liberator

Soltes, Francis

Spencer, William

Spielvogel, Rudy L.

Squicquero, Angelo – WWI 6th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division

Stanford, James B. – Civil War

Statti, Eugene H. Sr. U.S Army – World War II

Steckman, John C.

Steffler, David K.

Steffler, Frank C.

Stefura, John Jr.

Stevens, Henry – Civil War

Stevenson, Keith

Stevenson, William R. details below

Stewart, Harry E. – Army – Details Below

Stewart, Sean P. – Army – Details Below

Stillwagon, H. Floyd

Stillwagon, James A.

Stramella, Pvt. Vito

Stratton, Harold

Stratton, Lt. Royal

Streeter, Robert C. Jr.

Striet, Robert – WWII

Strohl, Jan Eric LT. US Navy Supply Corp.

Strouse, Michael Barry

Strouse, William G., Jr. – Korea – Army

Strutt, Harold Wayne – Air Force – WWII – Details Below

Strutt, Jack – Navy – WWII

Strutt, Lawrence Eugene – Marines – WWII – Details Below

Sudano, John M. Sr.

Sulia, Salvatore A.

Sullivan, George A.

Sullivan, John W. – WWII

Sullivan, Micheal E. – WWII

Sutkowski, Raymond J.

Swank, John

Swick, Bill C.

Swick, Chester J.

Swick, Daniel – Civil War

Swick, John – Revolutionary War

Swoger, Ailee

Swoger, Clyde S.

Swogger, Jessie Virginia (Berkebile)- USAF – See Details Below

Swogger, Kevin

Swogger, Pamela

Symbala, Angie

Symbala, Dan

Symbala, Michael

Syphrit, C. Howard

Szimkanich, Alex

T-V »

Tallon, Randy MSgt, USAF (Ret) served 1973-2005.

Taylor, Pfc. Ralph W.

Taylor, Pvt. Joseph “Shorty”

Taylor, Victor P.

Telesz, Jesse

Teolis, Pvt. Sam

Teolis, Sidney

Terlinder, Frank

Tewell, S/Sgt Fred

Thomas, James S. – Civil War

Thomas, William H. – WWII

Thompson, Glen served in WWII.

Thompson, Ken – WWII

Thompson, Pfc. Kenneth E.

Thompson, Russell M. served in WWII.

Thormhill, Clair – WWII

Thornhill, George served in Italy with the 10 Mt Division Ski Troops in WWII

Thornhill, Jack – WWII

Tillbrook, William – Army – WWII

Timblin, Charles L. served in Vietnam

Tincani, Joseph

Tolomeo, Nicholas

Toma, Anthony R.

Tomon, Francis J. – WWII – Army

Tomon, Jospeh A.

Tomon, Louis F.

Tooch, Phillip A. – WWII

Toth, James E.

Treese, David – Civil War

Tritt, David A.

Tritt, Floyd J.

Tritt, Gilbert

Tritt, Kenneth D.

Tritt, William – Vietnam

Trivilino, Patsy

Trivillno, Patsy J.

Trivillno, Pvt. Amig

Turner, Albert – WWII – Army details below

Turner, Charles – WWII Air Force details below

Turner, Eugene E. – WWII – Navy details below

Turner, James W.

Turner, Kenneth C. – WWII – Marine Corps details below

Turner, Leonard – Korean War – Army details below

Turner, S.P. – Civil War

Turock, Lt. Michael L.

Tyahur, Pvt. John

Valvano, Mary A.

Vandevander, Mary Lou (Coblentz)

Vandevander, Mary Lou (Coblentz) – US Army – Details Below

VanGorder, Joseph

Vargo, Joseph L.

Vega, Pfc. Walter

Venezie, Pasquale

Venezie, Raymond A.

Veres, Andrew (US Army)

Veres, Daniel J. (US Army)

Veres, Edward – US Army

Veres, Edward F. (US Navy)

Veres, George A. – US Army

Verrone, Anthony P. Sr.

Vesco, Kenneth E.

Viccari, Dom A.

Viccari, Donald

Viccari, Frank

Viccari, Pat

Viccari, Ralph

Viccari, Raymond

Viccari, Tim

Vinroe, Braden E.

Vinroe, Braden E. – Desert Storm with 101st Airborne

Vinroe, Cpl. Herbert

Vinroe, Dale E. – US Army – Details Below

Vitkovich, Henry J.

Vogler, Clayton – WWII

Vogler, Wilbur W.

W-Z »

Walczak, Pfc. John

Wallace, Everette E.

Wallace, John H.

Walters, Clyde G. – WWII

Walts, Marion – Civil War

Warneck, David – War of 1812

Warneck, David E. – Spanish American War

Watkins, Raymond

Wattic, Michael

Wattick, John

Wattick, Michael

Weaver, Brian L.

Webber, Willie P. – Civil War

Weber, George

Wehman, Alvi C.

Wehman, Arthur

Wehman, Ernest – Civil War – Details Below

Wehman, F.E. – Civil War

Wehman, Lawrence

Weigel, Cpl. Thadeus

Weil, Gilbert S. – WWII

Weingartner, Dennis C. – Navy – CPO Ret.

Weingartner, Duane – Army

Weingartner, Duane. II – Air Force.

Weingartner, Jesse C.

Weingartner, Paul – Air Force

Welch, Louie – Army, Airborne

Welsh, Donald H.

Welsh, Laverne L.

Welton, Bob details below

Wigton, Ralph (Red) K. WWII European Theatre Details Below

Wigton, Raymond

Wiley, Donald

Wiley, Donald R. Sr.

Wiley, Harold L.

Wiley, Harold R. Sr.

Wiley, James – Civil War

Wiley, Ray H.

Wiley, Ted L.

Willard, William C.

Wilson, Albert – WWI details below

Wilson, John P. – Civil War

Wilson, Loyal W. – WWI

Wilson, Lt. Col. James

Wilson, Malcom G.

Wilson, Mark

Wilson, William C.

Wimer, Richard W.

Wimer, Sgt. Albert

Wimer, Sgt. Robert M

Wimer, W.M. – Civil War

Wisbeth, Edward

Wise, Byron

Wise, David L. – Air Force – Details Below

Wise, Jonathan A. – US Army – Details Below

Wojikiewicz, Anthony J.

Wojikiewicz, Elizabeth

Wolfe, Frank(Fu) Gino – Navy – Details Below

Wolfe, Lt. Keith

Woods, Robert B.

Worchester, Lt. Winthrop S.

Workman, Kenneth W. – WWII

Worrell, Floyd Jr.

Wright, Ken

Wright, Marshall – Civil War

Wright, Walter C.

Yahn, Clarence L. – WWII – See Details Below

Yahn, Pvt. Franklin

Yahn, G.C. – Civil War

Yahn, James L – US Navy – See Details Below

Yahn, Lt. Maryon

Yahn, Phyllis J. – US Army – See Details Below

Yahn, Orvine

Yanniello, Anthony – WWII Pacific, Korean War

Yoho, C.M. – Civil War

Yoho, Jacob – Civil War

Yoho, Jacob – War of 1812

Yoho, Pvt. Ernest

Yost, Earl J. – WWII – Army – Normandy

Young, Andrew S.

Young, Bill

Young, Earl Duane – WWII – Details Below

Young, George S.

Young, Glenn L.

Young, Harold E.

Young, Pvt. Ernest

Young, Cpl. Lillian M.

Young, Richard

Young, Wallace W.

Young, Wesley, L.

Young, William L.

Yunica, Steve J.

Yuricha, Frank

Yuricha, Steve

Zapadka, Hank – Vietnam – US Army

Zapadka, Ted

Zeigler, Kenneth H. – WWII

Zikeli, Karl R.

Zingaro, Patsy

Zirock, Anthony P.

Zombeck, Bill

Zona, Joseph – Korean War.

If you know someone we can add, please let us know by leaving a comment below or email at

52 thoughts on “Veterans of Ellwood City”

  1. My Great Grandfather William Smith Delany Civil War Veteran (Co H 100 Regt PVI rank Sgt)is buried in the Hickorynell Cemetery now the Lillyville Cemetery.(GAR Marker 1383) In my search’s for his headstone they said he is listed as being there but cannot find a headstone. Is there anyway someone can locate it for me. The person at the church by the graveyard said it is overgrown and she could not find it. That is a terrible way to remember a veteran. I have a picture of him I can email if you like. Delany was a member of the famous “H” Roundhead Regiment and was wounded in the neck in the Battle of Petersburg . I am located in California and makes it difficult for me.

    1. Jim Hockenberry at Ellwood City Area Historical Society did some research on William Delaney: This is it:

      DELANEY William S (b. 1836 d. 22 December 1898) – Sergeant Co H 100th PA Volunteer Infantry. He served from 31 August 1861 until 24 July 1865. He enlisted as a Private and was promoted to Full Sergeant on 31 Aug 1864 (Bates Vol 3, p 590). 1850 Census shows a 12 year old William Delany and 5 year old Elizabeth Delaney living with the Philip and Elizabeth Newton, and their son Philip (19), on a farm in Wayne Township, Lawrence County, PA. 1860 Census William (23) and his wife Catharine (20) living in Poland, Mahoning County, OH with Lydia (2) and John 10 months old. 1870 Census William and Catharine live in Edinburgh, Mahoning Township, Lawrence County, PA with John (10) and William (5), Catharine B (4) and Orlando (1). By 1880 Census William, a farmer, and Catharine live near Riverton, Mason County, Michigan with John (20), Auelley (16), Belinda (14), Orlando (11), Sarah (9), Phillip A (8), Matilda (7), Franklin (6) and Thomas E (2). He is buried at Hickorynell Cemetery now Lillyville Church of God Cemetery, Lillyville, Franklin Township, Beaver County, PA.

  2. Robert “Punky” Kuner
    is honored on Panel 9W, Row 56 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
    He is buried at Grandview Cemetery, Beaver Falls, Beaver County,PA.
    He was killed on June 15, 1970.
    Reportedly, Punky was in his barracks when he became involved in an altercation with another Marine, who pulled a gun and shot the North Sewickley man.
    The file on his death is declared closed for 50 years, a period that will expire in June of 2020. Until then, his death remains classified by the military as an “accidental homicide.”

  3. 1.My Dad was Walter H. Moyer.
    Born 29 June 1918 Beaver County, Pa. – D: 22 Feb 2012
    W.W. II served in Quam. abt. 1944 – 1945 in U.S. Navy.
    Never received Asiatic Svc. Medal he was entitled too.
    Parents: John Edward Moyer & Minnie Myrtle Miller Moyer
    Married Mary Berna Pappas Moyer

    2. Daughter: Jean Marie Moyer
    Born 08 May 1942 Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pa.
    U.S. Women’s Army Corpse (WA 8 218 441)
    Vietnam Veteran 22 May 1961 – 21 May 1964
    Served in Ft. Myer Arlington, Virginia & Wash. D.C. Naval Bldg.
    Good Conduct Medal Rank E-5
    Parents: Walter H. Moyer & Mary Berna Pappas Moyer
    Never Married

    3. Son: John Walter Moyer
    Born 21 Jul 1943 Ellwood City, Lawrence, Pa.
    U.S. Army Signal Corps 09 Jun 1961 – 08 Jun 1964
    Served in Richmond, Virginia & Korea as Telephone Repair/ Set Up, Svc Poles & Towers
    Same Parents as above as sister Jean.
    Married Lee Anne Gaiser

    4. Son: Alan Wesley Moyer AKA: Crab
    Born 20 November 1946 Ellwood City, Lawrence, Pa.
    Same Parents as sister Jean.
    Served in Richmond Virginia Motor Pool, Vietnam as Military Police.
    Never Married

    5. James Patrick Moyer
    Born: 24 Sept 1951 Ellwood City, Lawrence, Pa.
    Parents: Same as sister Jean
    Served in Germany – Signal Corps repairman /Installer/ svc. telephones
    Married Laura Lee Wilkes

    Edward Lee Moyer
    B: 20 Oct 1948 Ellwood City, Lawrence, Pa.
    Served Virginia Motor Pool and Chauffeur for General Westmoreland
    Rank: Corporal
    Married Robin D. Beltz

  4. Jean, You can write to the Navy Personnel Dept. in St. Louis, Missouri and ask to have his medals re-issued. I did that to get my fathers who served in the US Army. Russ Knight

  5. My dad was John Barjuca
    Born 4 May, 1930 Ellwood City, PA – D: 22 January, 2014
    S/Sgt US Air Force Nov 28, 1950 – Nov 27, 1954
    Korean Service Medal, UN Service Medal, Japan Occupation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal

  6. Hoping that Jean was able to contact the NAVY about the Asiatic Service Medal that her father is entitled too.

  7. my father Clarence L. Yahn was in the Army during ww2, he was a prisoner of war for abot 26 months in germany. died in 1978.

    I James L. Yahn was in the. USNavy from 1964 to 1969, served onriver patrol boats in Viet Nam.

    My brouther Thomas L. Lockrouit served 20 years in the USNavy 1959 to 1979. retired.

    Phyllis J. Yahn served in the US Army as a sgt. during ww2

    1. Sir, did your Aunt Phyllis serve as a weather observer during the war? If she did, I have some WWII photos of a Phyllis Yahn Kelsik that you may like to have.

  8. Jessie Virginia Swogger Berkebile B: in Ellwood City, Pa. 28 Sep 1942
    parents: Joseph William Swogger & Margarette
    Ruth McCloskey.
    She was Ellwood City Police Officer and a Post Mistress of Post Ofc in Koppel, Pa. till

  9. In addition to my father, F. Donald Mohr & Uncle John which you have listed – their 3 brothers Norman, Paul & Ralph (Red) also served.

  10. I served in the Navy from 10-14-1958 thru 08-31-1967. I was a flight engineer on P2V Neptunes during the Cuban missile crisis and quality control inspector on P3 Orion’s during Vietnam.

  11. My brother Frank W. Dec was serving with the U.S. Army in Kaiserslautern, Germany (military intelligence) and died as a result of an auto accident on March 10, 1968 in Frankfort, Germany. I (Stanley L. Dec) served with the U.S. Army and received a medical discharge under honorable conditions in 1966 while stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Would appreciated having our names added to the list of veterans listed in
    Ellwood City memories. Thanks!

  12. My Father and I are both Veterans. I graduated from Lincoln in 1999. My Father David L. Wise severed 24 years in the Air Force as I recently got out of the Army. My name is Jonathan A. Wise. I would greatly appreciate it.

  13. Ronald Ferrante served in Vietnam 1968 and 1969 with the 1st Signal Brigade. Also served during the Desert Storm as a member of the 171st Air Refueling Wing of Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

  14. My grandfather was Ben Bartle and was a sergeant.My Uncles were William and Willis Bartle. For some reason they misspelled my grandfathers name in this and would like to see it get corrected.

  15. Hi, nice web page.

    My dad was a vet,
    Lived most of his life in Ellport on Wright Ave.
    Name:George H. Pollak
    Date of Birth: Feb 11th 1919
    born: in Hagevo, Somerset County, PA
    Dad: Michael Pollak
    Mom: Mary Macenko
    Wife: Elizabeth Lukavitch

    He was a 1937 graduate of Lincoln High School, and was a sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II serving with the 139th Army Air Force Base Unit as an airplane engine mechanic from June 28, 1941 to Nov. 26, 1945.

    Thank you for this work you have done.

    Marilyn (Pollak) Lockhart

  16. Just wanted to thank all of you who put something on this site and to thank Ben for making it, I enjoy reading about all the memories which in turn makes me think of more but I must say that when nobody puts anything on here , its rather dulll and I’m sure there are more memories out there so come on folks lets get wjth it ! I can’t wait to read something that will jar my memories !!!!

  17. My father. John R Lewchenko born October 9 1923. Died May 21 2016 He was 92. Parents Barbara ( Ciepley) and Nicholas Lewchenko. Wife Veronica Antoline Lewchenko. Was in WW2. Served on USS Yorktown, LCI’S. Born and raised in Ellwood City

  18. My father and 2 Uncles service they are as follows

    Lawrence Salvati Sr. Navy WW2

    Aristo Salvati Navy Korea

    Louis Salvati Army Peace Time

  19. My dad’s info is below

    Ernest Paul Reese, Jr. Born 10 Aug 1945 in Ellwood City to Ernest Paul Reese, Sr. and Gertrude (Pogazelec) Reese. Married to Maureen (Kish) Reese formerly of Ellwood City now of Mililani, HI. Served in US Navy for over 29 years, retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer in 1993. Served on USS JFK and USS Koelsch as well as numerous shore duty stations.


    1. Hi David. I came accross this. Robert Cahill is my father and Denny is my uncle. Are you his son ? I am 62 years old. My mom is still alive. Dad died in 1997. Wow. This site is amazing !! Thx for posting !


    1. I remember Denny very well from when we were neighbors on 7th St.. He was good friends with my brother Joe (Pete) Smith who passed away in 2012.

  22. Paul DuWayne Jessop – Colonel USAF – flew B-17’s during WWII with the 91st Bomb Group – his plane can be seen on website – it was names Wee Willie!

  23. A great tribute to the veterans.. Who would I contact to add a couple to the list like my father, and uncle? Bill Italia

    1. I did not include my fathers or other relatives name which are listed below
      Father John M Italia US Army WW2
      Brothers Frank Italia USN Ralph Italia US Army Ltc (ret)
      Uncle Marion Paul Crans US Army
      All deceased.
      I was born in Ellwood but completed school in Monaca and served in the
      US Navy 1961 thru 1964 as ab AO2.

  24. Brandon Fisher, 1990-1998 Army Reserves. I was raised in Ellwood my entire life.

    Joseph Fisher, 1968-1996 Army and Army Reserves raised in Corapolis moved to Ellwood City,1970 after VietNam War.

  25. My father, Dan B. Hawke, US Air Force, 1971 – 1978. Stationed at Lackland AFB, TX; Ft Lee, VA; Shemya Air Force Base, AK and his final assignment was at FE Warren AFB, WY.
    Born 1952 at the Ellwood City Hospital to Arthur J and Jean Brown Hawke. Died in his home in Koppel 22 June 2017.

  26. I would like to add four names to your list of veterans.Carl R. Schramm-30 year vet of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam. USAF. Edward H. Schramm, 26 year vet of WWII, Pearl Harbor survivor (Wheeler Field) USAF. Minnie D. Schramm-WAC World War II, Gary R. Schramm-USAF Viet Nam era. Thank you

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