Old Helling Homestead

      My gratitude goes out to Jo Ann Oxsen who sent me a little bit of the history of the old Victorian-style Helling homestead on Second Street (by Pittsburgh Circle). The house was built by her great grandparents Charles and Anna Helling and where her father, Harry C. Miller, was born on the twenty sixth of April in 1906. She also shared that when she was a child, her great uncle, “Uncle Doc” (Dr. H.E. Helling) owned the house.   
As for the house itself, she only remembered being inside it only once or twice but she did recall it having a fireplace on each of its three floors. I know I am not the only one that would enjoy hearing any memories you may have of the beautiful Victorian-style house.
There were eight comments on the Old Helling Homestead but unfortunately I am unable to restore them. Please share your memories below or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com

5 thoughts on “Old Helling Homestead”

  1. Glad to see, Ben, that you’ve been able to recover this and other postings that were initially lost when your site crashed.

    1. Dr Helling use to do private adoptions in the late 40’s and years after. Does anyone know if his records are on file?

      1. I wasn’t aware of the adoptions he did, Mary. Perhaps his granddaughter, Helen (Pudy) Pander who still lives in Ellwood City might know.

  2. I went to school with Pete Helling. Probably 70 now. His Dad Doc Helling put a cast on my broken arm and signed it. I was very proud. I am Linda Ernst.

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