North Star School

    In 1925, Franklin Township built an eight-room, two-story red brick building to replace the two-room North Star School at the corner of Mercer Road and Zelienople Road. The students from the old Frisco School and the old North Star building were assigned to the new brick building for the 1925-1926 school year. The Frisco School building reverted back to its owner from when it was an old bank building.
    In 1931, plans were made for an eight-room addition to the North Star School but the proposed $25,000 bond issue to build was rejected. The school continued to grow and as other schools in the area closed the students were sent to the brick North Star building. The Old Furnace School closed in 1943, Greenwood closed in 1947, and the American School was shut down in 1948.
The school was used for pupils from first grade through eighth grade. After eighth grade, the North Star students were sent to Ellwood City, Zelienople, or Beaver Falls High Schools to finish their education.
     The school was eventually torn down after standing empty for a number of years to make room for a shopping plaza along the four lane highway (Route 288). We would love to hear any memories you may have of the old North Star School. If you would like to share, please leave a comment below or email us at

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  1. Do you know what years these pictures are from? My dad, Clarence Stich, attended North Star one year for eighth grade.( I think 1936?) He would have been 83 this year. On 4-1-2016 I met his teacher, Miss Mancheck, at a meeting in Beaver Falls. How cool she remembered him from all those years ago.

  2. Bonnie, Clarence and I are/were first cousins.
    The pictures here are of the class that was two years older than your dad and I. I could name many of the people pictured, like in the last picture, in the center is Valgene “Red” Matthews and to his right facing is my cousin Loyal Wilson. Loyal died just a month or so ago in Indiana. If I remember correctly I started to attend North Star in 1938 in the first grade at age 6. Just noticed the first picture is of the class that was just one year ahead of me, not 2. My guess is these pictures may be from 1940

  3. I attended grade school from 1976 to 1981, it seems like there’s some information missing from this website.

    James C Smith, Jr.

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