Who Can Benefit from Transitional Living Arrangements?

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homes ravaged by a storm

One of the most important necessities of life is a roof over your head. This allows you shelter and protection from the elements, as well as gives you a place that you can call home. Hence, shelter is seen by many international organizations as one of the fundamental rights of people.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for some. For one reason or another, some people might be pushed into homelessness and left to wander the streets in search of a place to sleep or rest. Not only does this negatively affect the individual, but it also ends up affecting the fabric of the community or neighborhood that the individual lives in.

Recognizing the importance for everyone to have a home, various civic organizations and city governments, have set up programs for transitional housing in Phoenix, AZ and in other urban areas because of a growing need.

Transitional housing is set up to provide affordable – but temporary – housing and associated support services to those without a home, until they can get back on their feet and find a permanent place to live.

The benefit of transitional housing programs to individuals and society is immense. Here are some of the people groups who can directly benefit from transitional housing programs:

People who lost their homes

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many people ended up losing their homes. Even today, as it becomes increasingly difficult for a lower-class family to make ends meet – and as rent prices continue to increase – there are many cases of people losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure.

Transitional housing can offer these individuals a place to sleep and call home while they find a permanent residence option. This is especially beneficial to families with young children, who would benefit from the sense of stability that transitional housing offers.

Victims of abuse and neglect


In some cases, people are forced out of their own homes due to unfavorable circumstances. Whether they have been kicked out by a family member, or whether they are running from domestic abuse, some simply do not have a choice but to leave the place they once called home.

Transitional housing programs can help by providing victims of abuse and neglect with a more loving and stable environment where they can be free from the emotional trauma. Furthermore, these individuals could also be given proper counselling and help for them to be able to recover from their ordeals.

Recovering addicts

Checking oneself into a transitional housing program is usually recommended by counselors for individuals who have just been released from rehabilitation. These are recovering drug or alcohol addicts who – though they have made enough progress in their journey towards sobriety – may not be fully ready to go back to their old lives.

There are many benefits that transitional housing can provide recovering addicts. These include having a community that can support and counsel the individual through his or her recovery journey. They also have the opportunity to engage in daily activities that can offer the individual a sense of purpose and meaning.

These all help lower the risk of relapse, which is the most important thing for a recovering addict.

There is no doubt that transitional housing programs can provide great benefit to those who need it the most. It is always good to know that people have a place to turn to even at their lowest and is proof that there will always be someone looking out for you no matter what.

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