Activities That Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

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There was once a time when we had a lot of time to spend for ourselves. During such a time, we had the time of our lives. We would spend hours playing with our friends, eat all the food that we wanted, and stay up as late as we wanted. And this time, of course, was when we were younger. 

But as we reach adulthood, we have the exact opposite of what we had when we were younger. We do not have the luxury of time that we once had as children. We tend to avoid certain types of food because of dietary restrictions. And while a lot of us may stay up as late for work reasons, we then lose precious time for sleep. Let us not forget that sleep is something more important now as adults.

We all dream of reliving everything, but while we do not have time machines, there are other ways to relive those moments of your childhood, eating your favourite fried chicken, fish and chips and satay from your local hawker centre in Singapore.

Game Night With the Gang

Time is a commodity that not all people have. We shift and reschedule to make sure everything fits our lives. As children, we would have all the time in the world to play with our friends. Now, we would be lucky if we had time to meet and catch up.

You owe it to yourself and your best friends to meet once a week or at the very least, once a month. During this time, you should relive your glory days with game night with your friends.

There are games like charades, cards, or some Dungeons & Dragons to help make yourselves feel young again. But if that is not enough, you could always introduce a little bit of junk food and some beverages to make the night more fun.

Cheat Day Galore

Hand dipping fry in ketchup with a burger beside

As we grow older, the more we hear that we need to watch what we eat. And the doctors have good reason to tell us so. Over time, our body starts to slow down and have a hard time catching up. Our previous lifestyle choices are now not good for us. And so, we have to make some drastic changes.

One notable drastic change would be with your diet. Before, you could eat anything and everything that you want. But if you did that now, you would end up feeling slow and lethargic. The worst that could happen would be that it would have a significant impact on our health.

While you keep a close watch on your diet, you still want to taste your favourite food. For some dieticians, you still can, but only for one day of the week. This is the idea of Cheat Day.

During your Cheat Day, you get to eat whatever you want – hopefully in moderation. You get to savour the food that you love like delicious fried chicken, juicy burgers, and mouth-watering hotdogs found in Singapore.


The best moments in our childhood can be taken for granted. These are the times that we often look back to because we rarely have the time or opportunity to relive those times. But hopefully, you get to relive some of those moments with your friends.

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