What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Watch?

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Wearing a watch is what separates men from boys. Valuing your time means that you are always on your feet and always aware of your daily and long-term goals. Being a man means that you are business and goal-oriented, and the best way to show that is that you have a watch. There is no better way of valuing your time than having a functional and efficient watch. For a guy to be debonair, having a wristwatch is always something that would set you apart from other men.

Watches are not just for show; they also define your personality. Do you have a more rustic, laid-back, and calm demeanor? Then using a field watch might suit you. Professional, sleek, and goal-oriented? Pilot watches have a modern look that will complement your personality. Even the iconic James Bond wore a watch even when it’s not in plain sight since it’s a must in almost any outfit that he wore.

Whether you’re wearing formal, casual, or a smart-business attire, a watch will always blend in seamlessly. Of course, you’ll have to put in a lot of consideration on the style and features of the watch.

Do They Have to Be Expensive?

Aside from being a device that will help us tell the time, wearing a watch is also a sign of prestige and style. However, being a symbol of prestige and style while having intricate parts means that it also has a hefty price tag. But even though some watches are infamous for having a jaw-dropping price tag, there are some that you can buy on a budget.

In most cases, mechanical watches are usually the most expensive, since there is a lot of care taken into the craftsmanship and designing it usually takes a reasonable amount of time. Not to mention, creating a watch is a profession that will take a whole lifetime to master. In short, luxury watches are in the same way as cars: you’re buying not just the functionality of the vehicle but also the brand that comes with the symbol of wealth and prestige.

But most watches, especially quartz watches, are affordable for most individuals. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones that will go with your personality.

Which Watches Should You Get?

close up photo of watch on wristChoosing the right watch will depend on some key factors. Most of the time, since a watch is an accessory, some appropriate events, features, and finishes that will give it a particular impression. However, most watches will usually have a rustic, antique, and metallic finish that will attribute to its classy nature.

But what are these factors that we need to weigh in when we are looking for an appropriate watch?


Suiting up for a particular event means that you have to use the right fashion statement to match. Are you going to a religious event? Smart-casual to semi-formal attires will usually look great with dress and quartz watches. Are you preparing for a wedding? Pilot and driving watches are an optimal way of complementing an expensive look. In the same way, you wouldn’t wear a diamond wedding band when you’re out hiking, would you?

Signature Features

For the average person, they might think that watches all have the same features. In reality, each watch will have a unique feature that sets it out from the rest. For instance, a field watch tends to have an aluminum casing since most individuals will be using it during rigorous physical activities. Thus, it’s only appropriate to protect the essential parts inside.

As the name suggests, a dive watch is specifically designed to be water-resistant and can withstand water pressure of depths of up to a hundred meters underwater. There have been some instances that it is still functional in depths below what is recommended.

For watch enthusiasts, the alloy and casing of a watch will usually give it away on what its primary function is.

The Finish

Let’s not forget about the finish of the watch. Watches, just like any accessory and jewelry out there, have a luster. That will usually dictate that the overall artistic appeal that it will give to its wearer. A leather band will have a more rustic yet casual finish to a watch while a metal band will usually add a more formal and classy appeal.

Your watch doesn’t need to be expensive, as long as it has that classy aesthetic appeal that you’ve been looking for, it will work. Ultimately, the watch that you will get will be determined by your personality, your budget, and of course, your personal preference. But most importantly, no one can tell you what watch you should wear for a particular event. If you’re comfortable with a specific watch, then, by all means, wear it. Want to wear a watch dive watch to a wedding? No problem. You are the master of your destiny, after all. 

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