A Beginner’s Guide to Tailgating

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Are you ready to get into the spirit of football, or any other sport for that matter? Bask under the atmosphere of people coming together for their love of the sport. Your truck should serve well as the venue for a tailgating party. For the uninitiated, this is a celebration of a common love for sports. These are passionate and loyal fans who religiously follow the games, are in the loop on the latest news, or those who just plain appreciate the skills and competitiveness of professional athletes.

Imagine having a picnic, except that instead of being in the park, you are eating packed meals at a carport near the stadium of your favorite team and following the big game. That pretty much is tailgating in a nutshell; you can organize one too. It’s pretty easy.

Food and Drinks

First off, a party will not work without food and drinks. For tailgating folks, it is all about convenience. Pack food that is easy to consume, and keep in mind that you do not have the luxury of having chairs or tables. Try to create a menu that is easy to handle, like sandwiches and finger food. If you went for something that needs utensils, it would be great if you can provide disposable bowls. They may not be as roomy compared to plates, but there’s less chance of spillage when you use them.

As for the drinks, you can go with the usual canned sodas or beer. Just make sure you have a decent and large cooler chest to keep things chilled. You might be there for the next two to three hours, and you do not want to serve the grub warm.

Electronics Setup

As you are basically spectators outside the arena, you would be lucky if they have large displays where everyone can watch. If not, you would have to find a way on how you can follow the game live. Portable TVs are quite common, just consider the size. Make sure that you and your friends will have a great view. You also need to have a sound system that has enough punch to deliver a volume that can stand out from the environment. Remember that you are outdoors and are surrounded by fellow tailgaters, so the sound needs to be loud enough for you to make out what is going on. A decent-sized speaker with a powerful amp should do the trick.

Creature Comforts

Residential car port image Two roofs

When you have a truck in a parking lot, do not expect much in terms of seating. If you are looking for chairs or places where you want to sit down, you can do so on the bed of the vehicle, or you can just use the seats inside it. The latter would not be fun, as you basically are excluding yourself from the party. If you want some creature comforts, you can bring folding chairs to the mix. These are space savers and just work as they are supposed to. You might also want to bring with you a table where you can place your food so everyone can access it freely. If there is no room for it, then you can just use the collapsed door of your truck.

Tailgate parties are exciting because you have a great sports game running in your background. The experience does not get more authentic than this, as you are near to where the action is happening. There are food and booze for everyone to enjoy, but just make sure that you have a designated driver who can take you home safely.

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