Shape Options for Living Rooms

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Modern Loft Living Room

Owning a home is on virtually everyone’s bucket list. The two ways of actualizing this are to buy or build your home. You might choose to buy a home believing it is the cheaper route of the two to home ownership.

While generally true, there are several ways of minimizing the costs of your construction and ensuring that you get your dream home without going broke. The primary determinant of how fast and well your construction comes along is the property company you will work with.

The right company will come with the best builders in the Townsville region and the best yet affordable techniques and materials for a durable building. One of the rooms you should focus on is the living room.

The critical element that dictates the way you arrange your furniture and design elements in this room is its shape. The following are the living rooms shapes that might fit your dream home.


This shape option features two elongated walls on both ends. You might think that a rectangular loving room is space limiting, narrow, and claustrophobic. With a good grasp of this space, however, it will not only become a functional but also fun living room.

The best choice is to add bookshelves, a desk area, and a built-in bar in this living room. This gives it a purpose rather than making it a simple, functional room. You can also use small décor pieces to fill up the space and make it look like less of a hallway.


This living room shape has one of its walls curved. The curved wall is ideally filled with decorated furniture pieces such as the table, chair, or sofas. You can harmonize the curve in your living room with rectangular paintings crown moldings and square mirrors.

These will soften the curves and boost the look of your room. Curved living rooms are ideal for those with small square footage f since they are space saving with an interesting design twist.


L-Shaped Living Room

This is an excellent alternative for the inclusion of different facades in your living room. You might, for instance, choose to combine your living room with the kitchen or dining area.

You should, however, not treat an L-shaped living room like one large expanse but rather decorate it to form two distinct parts. You can do this by picking different design elements for the two areas or installing a small or glass partition between the zones.


This is generally the most common option. It is, however, tricky to decorate a square living room since you need balance to avoid creating a vacuum in the center of your room.

You should thus not push furniture against the walls. Consider installing bookshelves and other decorative elements on the walls to make the living room look full.

Regardless of your living room’s shape, you can still have it as an open design to complement a modern living space. Picking the shape for your living room is not as easy as settling for any from the above. You should work with professionals to get the ideal shape that works for your family, lifestyle, budget, and available space.

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