Planning a Wedding? Here Are Trends to Watch Out For

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Marrying the love of your life is one of the most exciting events that can happen in your lifetime. But, planning a wedding can be a tedious and gruelling process. Aside from looking for wedding venues in Singapore, you also need to consider the lights, tables and the entire setup as well. To help you with the planning, here are the top trends when it comes to weddings this 2018.

Colour is in

It is common for couples to coin words whenever they express the theme that they would like to have for the wedding. Yet, things can get lost in translation, especially if you do not know how to describe it. One easy way to bring in your personality to the reception is with the right colour. Among the most in-demand colours in wedding receptions nowadays are warm corals and moody jewel tones. You can also go with high contrast colours such as aqua and cherry red.

Go for intense

Rose gold, which has been popular in the past few years, is now phasing out. More couples are going back to traditional colours, particularly gold and silver. Many are also experimenting with bright colours not just in the decor of their wedding venue but in their dresses as well. Burgundy and turquoise are some of the most common options.

Living bars

Another trend that is popular with most couples is wedding bars. It is an interesting way to transform a simple bar into something even better. You may add a few cut foliage that is fronted with a laser-cut painted wood veneer to give the area a more unique look.

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Keep it simple

Some couples, meanwhile, continue to choose to go minimalist in their wedding. After all, having an intimate wedding offers a lot of advantages, too, aside from allowing you to save money. For one, it can give you a chance to interact with your guests on a more personal level. Also, you can work with caterers to create a more personal menu for everyone.

Love the outdoors

The concept of bringing the outdoors inside, likewise, continues to dominate the wedding scene. Trees, lush greens and floral are what many couples want to have both in their wedding and reception venues. Some even like adding pampas, which is a feathery and wheat-coloured type of grass, to lend a more nature-inspired look to their big day.

Say hello to bridesmen and groomsgirls

Who says the guy best friend of the bride-to-be cannot be by her side on the day of her wedding? There is no such rule, and even if there is, more and more couples are refusing to follow it. Thus, the rise of the so-called bridesmen and groomsgirls.

These are some of the most common trends that you might want to consider when planning your wedding. Choose a venue that will be able to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Doing so will ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the most memorable day for you and your partner without any worries.

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