Ideas for Improving Your Buffet Display

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Chefs holding desserts at a catering

Those with a knack for food preparation might find self-actualisation by opening a restaurant or catering business. This is the best way to enable masses to enjoy your culinary delights while raking in a decent income. Unfortunately, a significant number of start-ups in the catering industry do not make it past their first year in operation. This is primarily because many businesses are competing for a few customers.

To set your business apart and keep your doors open, partnering with a supplier of commercial catering equipment like Top Shelf Concepts is essential. Among the crucial things that you will get from these suppliers are buffet display pieces. There is significant planning involved in a buffet display to stimulate your clients’ appetite. Most people will pay attention to the colour, cutlery, and texture of their presentation but forget one element that makes a big difference. This is the addition of height to their culinary display. Here are some tips for height addition in food displays:

Use Display Risers

Businessmen at a catering

There are various risers available from catering equipment suppliers. These include glass, metallic and wooden ones. There is no limit to the food that you can place on display risers. More often than not, however, the risers are used for solid food and baked treats. They come in different heights to create exciting displays. The ones you choose should be strong enough to hold your food without toppling over when guests are eating.

Roll or Fold Your Food

You can add height to your display by simply rolling or folding food. This works for meat, baked food, and cream. The folds and rolls will help elevate different food items from the rest of your buffet layout. They also help you make small servings appear large. Hence your clients can have healthier food portions.

Use Baskets to Display the Food

This option works best for baked treats. When placed in a basket that is slightly tilted, the baked dishes will be elevated over the rest of your display. The basket will also make the baked dishes look fresh and allow you to display a big portion of food. You can use the baskets to display your dry fruits as well.

Arrange the Food in Different Shapes

You can also create height on your food display with interesting shapes. The commonly used forms are pyramids and cubes. The cubes and pyramids work for cakes and meat, but any solid food can be displayed this way. The only limit to creating an elevated shape with your food is your imagination.

Layer Your Dishes

This technique is often used for burgers. You can, however, layer your pasta and rice dishes with meat and vegetables. Layering also works for breakfast dishes, especially pancakes with different fillings in between the layers.

In the end, even the best-prepared dishes will not have the intended taste if you do not correctly display them. Creating height on your table will go a long way in helping your food look appetising. By appealing to the sense of sight with an exceptional display, the food is also guaranteed to hit the right taste buds.

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