How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

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Girls watching a horror movie

Nothing is as fun as bonding with friends over a great movie. For one thing, you get to catch up on each other’s lives while watching the protagonist get away from his murderer. But aside from having a pizza takeaway in Singapore, what else do you need for the perfect movie party? Here are the steps you should keep in mind.

Pick the right movie

The first step in planning a movie night is to pick a film. You do not have to make it complicated. Just choose any movie that comes to your head. This is much better than spending hours browsing through Netflix until you find one. Failing to make a choice in advance can end up in a disaster. You will either spend the entire night not watching any movie or settle on something that everyone has seen.

Make things comfortable

Make sure all of your friends will feel comfortable and cosy while watching the movie. One thing you can do is to give them a soft blanket so that you can all snuggle while on the couch. This is also especially beneficial if, say, you are watching a horror film.

Ensure that everyone has seats

You should carefully design your layout when inviting your friends over for a movie night. You can add a few more chairs or floor pillows to make them feel comfortable. Another way to spice up the place while adding extra seating is by using decorative ottomans. You can even bring in a few cuddles if the space allows, too. Ensure that everyone will feel comfortable while watching a movie.

Do some research

You can also make things even more fun by preparing games or perhaps doing an intense movie-themed game. You can also think of other activities if you feel that not everyone in your circle is into games. Did something happen on the set while the movie was being filmed? Were any of the actors involved in a relationship with other members of the film’s cast? Just a few trivia about the movie can make things more interesting.

Provide snacks

Movie night with friends

You can never go wrong with boxes of pizza. But you can make it even more extra by adding in a few movie-related snacks, too. Finger foods like popcorns are a classic especially when everyone is watching a movie. You can also prepare homemade snacks. But make sure that you have enough napkins beside you, especially if everyone likes to eat on the couch.

Prepare the drinks

Drinks are perfect for a movie night, with or without booze. You can open a bottle of wine or prepare fruit punch for people who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Think about what your guests want and see if you can get it for them.

You can think of other ways to make your movie night more fun and exciting. You can check the Internet or read a few books to get a few ideas to make it more interesting. Whether everyone is into chick flick or suspense, what is important is that everyone will have a great night while catching up.

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