How to find the right option for braces in Northern Ireland?

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The dentist and orthodontic industry offers a huge array of options when it comes to treating all with the goal of helping you achieve that glamorous smile that you’ve always wanted. This treatment will often centre around or at least include braces in some form. What are the benefits and options when it comes to choosing braces in Northern Ireland? Let’s take a look at what we can find out.

Why do people choose to wear braces?

A straighter smile not only looks great but can also offer significant oral health benefits. Eat without discomfort and avoid wearing your teeth unevenly. Reduces gum discomfort and keep your teeth in top condition, straighter teeth are easier to clean after all. Braces in Northern Ireland will help you to correct these issues and reach your goal of dream pearly whites.

Do you need to meet any requirements?

Braces work great, but they work best when they are based on a healthy mouth as their foundation. Don’t panic though; your dentist will help you get up to scratch with dental health but there are some things you can do. Maintaining a good oral health routine will get you well on your way. Your dentist though, will be able to identify things such as pre-existing conditions and gum disease that may detract from the effectiveness of your treatment.

They’re just for kids, right?

little boy at the dentistThe perfect scenario would be to have braces on at a younger age, around twelve or thirteen – while your teeth and jaw are still growing it is the best time for adjustments to be made. However, this doesn’t limit the treatment to children or young adults only! While most effective at a young age, adults are also very suitable for this form of treatment. Generally, it will take a little longer and some options will be a bit more limited but it is still very normal for adults to choose braces.

How does it all work?

With the more traditional standard braces, the fixed mounting points are anchored to the teeth using adhesive cured under a UV light. These are then linked by a series of thin wires that can be adjusted and manipulated to pull the teeth into the correct position. Your dentist will make the changes and adjustments. This bit by bit process allows the teeth to reach their final position with the least amount of discomfort as possible.

What about the option of 6 Month Smiles

For a faster but just as effective option, you can consider 6 Month Smiles. How does this treatment achieve its pace? By focusing on the most visible aspects of the mouth, the short-term orthodontic treatment can get great results fast! Without compromise, this treatment can cut the standard treatment times in half.

If you need more information, then get in contact with your dentist now to get a full picture of how braces can improve your life now! You have many options ahead of you and your dentist can help you find the best option for you personally.

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