Correct the Blunder: Warm-up Mistakes You May Be Doing

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Whether you’re a beginner or already a seasoned pro at workouts, it takes a lot of effort to encourage yourself to exercise and go to the gym. You know that days can be hectic and busy, but if exercising is already your second nature, it will always be part of your schedule.

Working out should not be done hastily even if you are busy. Otherwise, you will be injured. This is why warm-ups and similar routines are important. They condition your body and prepare it for a tough activity ahead. The question is, are you doing it right? Have you ever considered that there are some blunders in your warm-up exercises. Certain errors may also lead to stress, strains, and injuries.

When checking the quality of your warm-ups, here are some of the mistakes that you need to spot:

Taking it lightly

Some people are just too thrilled to go to the main routine that they do their warm-ups quickly. But do not do this, as will only cause you more harm than good. Whether it is hardcore crossfit training or an exercise for curved spine scoliosis, do not think that warm-ups are a waste of time, so do your best to go through it. When you pace too quickly, you will find it much more difficult to engage in the main workout. Worse is, you may end up getting yourself injured.

Just doing basic stretches

Stretches are one of the foundations of warm-up exercises. But do not make the mistake of just sticking to it. While static and basic stretches can be incorporated into your pre-workout routine, they are actually most apt for your post-workout time. Static stretches help in cooling your body down and signaling your muscular parts to start relaxing. As much as possible, save static stretches for the end of your workout. Instead, engage in much more dynamic workouts — the type that involves your entire body.

Skipping aerobic routines

seniors jogging

Cardio routines also make a good part of your warm-up. Doing a few minutes of cardio at the start is probably the safest way to warm up your entire body nicely, so do not be lazy about it. It does not only condition your lower back, but it also opens up your hamstrings and calves. These muscles need appropriate conditioning, as you use them more when you are bending down or lifting weights off the ground.

Just focusing on specific parts

The main principle of warm-ups is to make sure that most of your body parts are exposed and conditioned. However, many still make the mistake of just focusing on specific parts of their bodies, such as legs and arms.

Stay away from the usual

Chances are you have already stuck to an existing warm-up routine. Check them against this list, and if you spot a mistake or two, you may want to shake things up. It is not always late to stay away from what you’re used to — especially if you want improvements.

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