Cleanup Duties 101

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Now that your special occasion is over, whether it was a wedding reception or a birthday, you now have the duty of cleaning everything up. Most people would call in professional cleaners and call it a day. But you don’t need to spend that money on something you can do yourself. Here’s how to organize a party cleanup that saves you both time and money.

Prepare Well

One mistake that many people make when cleaning up is thinking that it only begins after the big party. The truth is that it starts when you get ready for the party. Prepare the relevant cleaning supplies before the party starts.

This mostly involves some shopping. For one, you need to buy enough trash bags to meet your needs. You probably already have detergent and bleach, so you should get specialty items like extra paper towels, stain cleaners, and even odor eliminators.

Focus On The Immediate Concerns

When the party is over, it might be tempting to leave everything for the morning. But you need to do some things to make it easy for yourself. First, you need to ventilate the rooms. Alcohol can smell. If you and your friends smoke indoors, the scent of cigarette smoke can linger in the area. If you don’t want a room to smell like a party for weeks, then you need to open a window.

Another essential action is to collect all the breakable bottles and dispose of them. Do the same with your garbage. Finally, you will want to soak the dishes you need to clean.

person cleaning the kitchen counter

Learn How To Get Rid Of Stains

During a party, people will be spilling liquids all over the place, whether alcoholic or not. It’s not just liquids, either. If you served meals or appetizers, you’d probably find a sauce stain or two. This is pretty simple to fix if it hits a solid surface. All you need is a good detergent and a soft cloth to wipe the spill if it hardens.

For carpets and fabric, it can be harder. If you catch it early, liquid detergent can help, but if it has gotten deep into the cloth, then your only option is to take the rug or tablecloth to the dry cleaners. It can be expensive, but they get the stains out with no damage.

Clean By Area

If you are ready to start, you should clean the place by specific areas. If you are cleaning a house, then move room to room. This makes it easier since you clean in bite-sized pieces. It doesn’t feel that overwhelming. It also gives you a sense of achievement when you finish an area. Always begin with the area furthest from the kitchen area, leaving it for last since it is usually the most time-consuming.

There’s no need to call professional cleaners after a big event. You need to put some effort into it. These suggestions should point you in the right direction when it comes to easy party cleanup.

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