Health Gadgets That You Can Wear At Work

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There is nothing wrong with working hard. However, deadlines, unfair bosses, and toxic co-workers may take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. And thus, we need to check our bodies and make sure our system is working at its optimum.

You may have experienced a couple of negative symptoms when your body gives in to stress and pressure. Turning to alcohol for relaxation may indicate the mental stress you are trying to cope with. The inability to sleep well, stalling productivity, depression, back and muscle ache, and an adverse change in your relationships’ dynamics–these are telltale signs that you are in a toxic work situation. You don’t want this to happen. Before things could worsen, consider this list of gadgets that may help you monitor your wellbeing at work and avoid negative consequences on your health.

Fitness tracker

It’s tricky to stay fit and healthy while at work. Thus, it would be best if you had devices to remind you of your responsibility to remain active in your day. Fitness trackers are handy, wearable devices that motivate you to stay active. Basic trackers produce the essential data you need to reach your fitness goals. Would you like to achieve 10,000 steps per day? A basic tracker can provide data on your number of actions as well as the length of kilometers you took a run, your sleep patterns, and your stress levels. You have to wear this band around your wrist, and you are good to start your day and monitor your progress. Trackers also come in various specs and colors. Different kinds of trackers offer features for beginners up to athletes who always want to improve their performance.

Standing Desk

As a lot of people say, sitting is the new smoking. Our sedentary lifestyles demand us to sit for long hours in front of our computer. A lot of people want to change this practice of using standing desks. Now, you don’t have to sit for eight hours straight and be at risk of suffering from Diabetes and heart disease later on in life. While you work, you can adjust the standing desk to your desired angle so you can stand while working and burn calories. While you switch from sitting to standing position, you also give your body the chance to move and avoid back pain.

laptop on a stand

Walking treadmill desk

Are you too busy to go out and take a walk? With the walking treadmill desk, you can walk and work at the same time. Flexing your muscles while working may be a far-fetched idea before, but this device makes it a reality. Users of the walking treadmill desk also enjoyed the benefits of an improved mood, lower stress levels, an increase in creativity, and a healthy body weight.

These alternative devices also have a silent motor ensuring that the machine’s noise will not interfere with your focus. In choosing treadmill desks, consider your weight and maximum speed capacity that match your preference.

Posture wearables

Sitting for a long time damages your spinal cord and column. These devices will gently vibrate to alert you when you are not sitting correctly. You can use it all day, even when not at work anymore, as it also alerts you when you are not walking upright.

Posture wearables helped in real-time postural monitoring and correction and may help prevent the development or worsening of musculoskeletal disorders. With the alerts, the wearer may be encouraged to practice regular posture correction and good habits development.

The demand for healthy living is more emphasized now that the average workload in the office is increasing. As we get busier, we need to take care more of ourselves. Year after year, fitness gadgets also evolve from simple ones to more complex upgrades. Some apps can measure biorhythm and other processes that you can take advantage of.

The quest for a healthy lifestyle should continue even at work. One way to practice it is to observe healthy lifestyle habits. Make time to include physical activities such as walking and running in your routine. Planning for your meals in advance is a good idea to monitor what you are eating. Some people take meal planning seriously and prepare a list of healthy lunches for the entire week. You can do it, too! You may also want to pay attention to the amount of soda and junk food for snacks and instead pack up your meals with more vegetables, proteins, and fats. Also, try to find a way to release negative emotions, anger, and stress positively.

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