Andrew and Andrew Solicitors in Portsmouth

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If you are looking for a solicitor in Hampshire, you may want to consider Andrew and Andrew Solicitors. This legal practice has a strong presence in Hampshire with an excellent track record of representing organisations such as charities and school, along with individuals and other legal professionals.

One key factor you should look for when searching for a solicitor is how long has the legal practice you are looking at been established. If a solicitors office has been operating for a long time then we can see them as being worthwhile talking to, as they may offer high-quality services, alongside accurate advice.

Your aim should be to find the highest-quality solicitors, who are more than capable of offering fair and honest legal advice to anyone in need of it.

Conveyancing solicitors

If you are buying or selling a house, you will be aware of the legal processes that are involved. Many people find the legal side of moving home or setting up their first home, is stressful,  hard to understand and navigate.

The use of a solicitor should help make this as easy as possible for you by using any specialised conveyancing team available to them. The end goal here is to make your move as stress free and smooth as possible, and getting you moved into your new home on a date that suits you.

Family law

family law

A specialised family law team understands that there are times when disputes arise that need some type of mediation that could lead to the issues involved being resolved, in a way that is acceptable to all parties involved. Where a relationship breakdown is the cause of the dispute, any family solicitor should always ensure that priority is given to issues relating to any children involved and what are in their best interests.

The areas of family law offered include:

  • Divorce & separation
  • Financial arrangements
  • Children
  • International & cross-border disputes
  • Arrangements before marriage
  • Unmarried partners
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Cohabitation
  • Relationship Planning


After your loved one passes, you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of a legal minefield relating to the estate of the deceased. Many people find this more upsetting and stressful than the arrangements surrounding the funeral of the person who has passed.

Knowing if you need probate services can be difficult to understand, you may have to deal with several different organisations to gain access to the full details of the estate of the deceased. Each will have their own rules and guidelines for what happens after someone dies, this can add an extra layer of complication.

You should access a dedicated team of solicitors who can take you through the probate process, doing so with compassion and respect for you and the deceased. They will deal with all aspects of the probate process while keeping you well informed. This will then give you the time and space to go through the grieving process.

Other services are offered

In this article, we have only discussed three of the services offered by many solicitors, for others you should either contact the legal practice you are considering directly or visit their website. If you find you need the services of a solicitor in Portsmouth then please make certain you research the ones you are thinking of contacting fully.

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