Is cosmetic dentistry good for a patient?

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Being a dentist is more than trying to achieve a flattering cosmetic result for a patient. Dentistry is a profession created to treat diseases and conditions which affect the entire oral cavity. This discipline is sometimes referred to as dental or oral medicine. The primary concern in dentistry is to ensure that a patient receives treatment that will result in healthy teeth, gums and jawbone. With a responsible cosmetic dentist Bondi Junction the purpose of a cosmetic procedure must be to achieve a practical result as well as a cosmetic enhancement. In other words the patient must enjoy a restorative benefit as well as aesthetic augmentation.

Discussion and agreement

Before any treatment can be administered it is essential to have a dentist/patient discussion about the specific treatment, the procedures involved and the expected result. The patient’s welfare and health are always the principal concern and agreement by both dentist and patient are required to proceed. It is always necessary to perform a thorough dental examination and to record a comprehensive patient medical history before even entering into a treatment discussion. It is not uncommon for a patient to want a dentist to conduct a treatment because the patient has seen something on a particular website. It may be that a friend has had a particular cosmetic procedure and the patient wants the same. We are all made differently and because of this fact it is always an ethical process for a dentist to assess a patient’s condition and need for any specific treatment. With any conscientious dental practitioner alternative treatments will always be discussed beforehand.

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Cosmetic treatment to correct a condition

One of the cosmetic treatments performed by patients that often ends up with the dentist having to correct problems caused is teeth whitening. Over-the-counter products are often bought without first ascertaining the cause of the tooth discolouration. Tea, coffee, cola, fruit, curry, soy sauce and many other foods that we eat can discolour our teeth. There are however some diseases that can cause teeth becoming discoloured. Calcium deficiency, liver problems, rickets, coeliac disease and many eating disorders can also cause tooth discolouration. By visiting a dentist to have teeth whitened a prior examination will be carried out to ascertain what the cause of the discolouration is before deciding on a particular treatment. Braces and aligners are another area of cosmetic or orthodontic dentistry designed to correct misaligned teeth. If untreated, crooked or gappy teeth or a crowded mouth can cause dental and gum problems later. Misaligned teeth can also result in poor chewing of food, consequently causing gastric problems because the stomach has to work harder to break down badly masticated solid foods.

Conservative cosmetic dentistry

Modern technology and the phenomena that it produces like smartphone camera enhancement have made patients more aware of their appearance. Conserving healthy teeth and gums will always be the dentist’s primary focus when he considers a patient’s request to enhance their appearance and in particular their smile. Dental technology has also advanced amazingly and in certain circumstances dentists can produce a virtual image of what an enhancement will look like on completion. The advantage of these dental developments is that dentists can also get a very accurate intraoral view of a patient’s mouth allowing them to see potential problems that may arise. So patients can get a confident radiant smile, but it will not be at the expense of healthy teeth and gums.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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