Another Glass, Please! Your Quick Guide to Enjoying Champagne

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friends drinking champagneBooze sounds good, always. This is especially true when you are in the company of good friends. When it comes to booze, the first choices that come to mind are beer, bourbon, red wines, and even whisky. But if you want something different or sophisticated, why not have a glass (or a bottle) of champagne? After all, it is still wine, only sparkling.

Some people think that champagnes are too urbane for their liking. But this drink can be enjoyed in a much more casual setting. Just organise a wine night, and have your friends come over for some fun. There are some ways you can make champagne fun. While it is already good on its own, adding new dimensions or layers to the experience will certainly not hurt.

If you are looking for such ways, here are some of the pointers that you may consider:

Champagne Tip #1: Chill it just right

As champagnes are bubbly wines, it only makes sense to enjoy it chilled. You can still drink it at room temperature, but a more exciting experience awaits if your bubbly is chilled. Do not overcook it, though. Otherwise, you will find it quite difficult to discern the taste and appreciate its aroma. Temperatures between 46 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit can do wonders to your wine. When you are storing a special edition and aged champagne, you ought to handle it with utmost care. For much cheaper bottles, experts say that colder champagnes are nicer.

Champagne Tip #2: Pick the right fares

You can enjoy your champagne on its own, but you get that full experience when you have the right food. For starters, you can have cold cuts served with the champagne: hot sausages, hams, rye bread, and different types of cheeses. Dried fruits, such as peaches and dates, are perfect for dessert. The taste of the champagne makes a good counterpoint for salty and grilled food, which means you can enjoy it with steaks, fish, and fancy fares, such as pasta and risotto.

Champagne Tip #3: Keep it casual

As mentioned, you can dress down your champagne and drink it in much more casual settings. You do not have to wait for celebrations to drink it. Enjoy it while you have it. Planning to date yourself on a Friday night? Go for a big hamburger paired with it. You can even drink your champagne with your favourite barbecue and potato chips. If you are having a mini-Sunday roast at home, have one bottle of champagne delivery to your house.

Champagne Tip #4: Invest in great glassware


Wine experts and sommeliers think that the experience of drinking fine wines become much better with the right glass. You do not want to drink fancy alcohols in plastic cups, do you? With that, it is a must that you invest in high-quality glassware.

Champagnes are good drinks to celebrate every little victory that comes your way. Do not feel guilty to go for a second glass. But keep things moderated.

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