Ways to Regularly and Properly Pamper Yourself During Workdays

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Eating while doing work

It would seem that immersing yourself in a busy and stressful work environment is the acceptable norm in this day and age. However, just because this is the typical standard these days doesn’t mean that it’s productive or even healthy. Studies have proven that rest and relaxation are important aspects of success and self-development. They also assure you that you’re at your peak performance when working. That being said, here are a few practical ways to treat yourself regularly without sacrificing your workload or busy schedule:

Regular Healthy Meals

Packed and take-out lunches from your favorite fast-food joint in Mesa, Arizona does not apply. You can have your lunch at a good restaurant and look for healthy food offers that you can actually enjoy. Don’t economize on this special meal since you’re supposed to pamper yourself. Better yet, reserve a table for yourself in time for lunch or make a reservation for dinner. Never rush through your meals. Put your phone on silence and avoid bringing any kind of work with you during the meal. Dress up for the occasion so that you can bask in the restaurant’s ambiance. Also, clear out a part of your office schedule so that you can take your time and enjoy your food. Try to do this at least once a week.

An Hour of Solitude

Disconnect from your office, phone, and social media accounts and give yourself an hour to silence your inner self. For spiritual renewal, you can pray, meditate, or do yoga. If you prefer, get yourself a good book and play some music. You can write a poem, update your journal, or write a short story. For those who can’t stand the silence, play a movie on your DVD player or laptop and complete it with soda and popcorn. As long as you can rest your mind and relax your body, feel free to lock yourself up in your room or find a secret nook for some restful solitude. You can do this daily as long as you can fit it in your schedule.

A Relaxing Walk

Close up of legs walking

Exercise is always a great way to relieve stress. However, for those who don’t have the time to visit the gym, you can always take the more convenient and aesthetic alternative. Choose a day when you can walk home from work and find a scenic and relaxing route. Bring extra clothes to the office and then dress up in a more comfortable outfit for your trek home. For those who are quite a distance from home, choose a nearby park or recreational area to jog or walk through. Park your car nearby, walk around, and enjoy the view. As a bonus, invite a close friend or special someone to join you on your special trip.

The key to treating yourself even when inundated with work is to reserve a special time for it. Treat your relaxation time the same way you would when scheduling an important meeting. Give it as much attention as you would your office tasks and make it a vital part of your lifestyle. Most importantly, these are times when you can recover, recharge, and reassess yourself. That being said, never put work as a priority during these intervals. After all, resting is always as important as hard work.

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