You Can Put The Live In Living Spaces

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View of an outdoor room of a modern home

When one of your older siblings move away for college or god forbid, when one of your family members pass away, the house becomes a lot more spacious. It would be a shame just to let your vacant space rot away. You can always shake it up with simple projects like turning an old bedroom into a gym. Or if you want to tackle bigger projects, ones that have legal requirements and standards, you can build carports (they need building permits in places like Brisbane).

There are a ton of ideas, most of which can be customised to your liking. If you’re in a creative rut, here are some ideas to help bring life into your home’s extra spaces:

1. Movie Theatre

The ultimate Netflix and chill moment is within your arm’s reach. If you happen to have a spacious vacant room, it won’t take much effort and resources (unless you’re going to soundproof the room). The essential materials you will need are the movie screen and the seats.

This is the part where you get to be a little creative. Movie screens can be anything from a projector screen that will cover your entire wall or merely painting your wall a muted grey. As long as there’s a projector, you’re all set.

For the seats, you can choose to go either casual and chill with bean bags laid on a fuzzy carpet or classy and sleek with huge, black, leather chairs.

2. Carports / Garage

Getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff from your storage will leave you with so much space that you can fit two cars in them – and maybe you should.If your house happens not to have a garage, fear no more because you can build your own.

However, it is important to practice caution with this project as it may require advanced skills, such as installing the garage door or automating it. There may also be legal standards or requirements, so just make sure that everything is smoothed out before you choose to start. Carports and garages are not used just because you’re overprotective of your automobile. Keeping your vehicle indoors is helps prolong its longevity.

3. Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom

This seems to be the most obvious project so far, but it could still be tedious nonetheless! Revamping a bedroom that someone left is a must if you want to turn it into a guest room. Keeping it the same as it was before can be quite awkward for the previous occupant (i.e., a sibling away for college or temporarily relocated for work).

Guest rooms will require new sheets, ones that don’t have memories attached to them. It will also need a good clean up to get rid of all the personal wallpapers and ornaments.

4. Home office

If you’re a workaholic, this might become one of your dream projects. Creating a home office can be quite enjoyable because you get to choose exactly how it will look like. Therefore, since you’re happy with the space that you’ve created, it makes you more motivated and productive. A few pieces needed for this are a desk, a chair, a shelf, a rug, and the rest will depend on one’s taste.

There is so much potential to one vacant room. You can unravel that with a creative mind and a little hard work.

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