Why Cleaning the Air Ducts in Your Home Matters

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Many Americans, children and adults alike, love staying at home during their free time. It used to be that people spend more time outdoors, but with the development of technology, homeowners now all have the reason to stay in the comfort of their rooms and do anything they want.

Spending more time indoors has its own advantages and disadvantages. One problem that comes with it is that the air inside your home may not be that clean. Indoor pollution, while not as well known as outdoor pollution, can actually pose serious health hazards. This is why air duct cleaning is very important in your house in Boise.

The Air Pollution Problem Indoors

You see a great deal of attention being given to air pollution. Generally, that refers to outdoor air pollution, but indoor pollution can be just as bad. Research has even discovered that the air found inside homes and buildings is sometimes even worse than the air outside.

Air pollution, whether outdoors or indoors, can cause health problems and make existing health conditions even worse.

Why Air Ducts Matter

Air ducts are passageways for air inside a house or a building. They connect the main HVAC system to the different vents inside the property. When a duct becomes dirty and filled with dust and other materials, the air passing through becomes polluted.

HVAC systems have filters that are meant to remove pollutants and debris that get around with the air. However, these air filters can only do so much. Eventually, they become dirty too and so, they cannot clean the air that passes through them. In fact, they might even make the air dirtier.

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The effects of air pollutants on people can vary greatly. They can also either have an immediate effect or take a long time to have an impact. The HVAC system will end up circulating the polluted air and over time, it can cause the growth of harmful organisms like mold and fungus, which can cause even more serious health problems.

The following are the main reasons air ducts should be cleaned and be kept that way:

  • It removes pollutants like dirt, animal hair, and other materials.
  • It relieves health conditions such as nasal congestion and respiratory issues.
  • It reduces the amount of dust inside a home.
  • It makes the HVAC system more efficient.

Installing an Air Purification System

Regular cleaning of the air ducts is very important, but it is also necessary to reduce the number of pollutants that get into the system in the first place. By doing that, there will be less need for cleaning the system more often. What you can do is to install an air purification system in your home to remove the particles from the air.

A dirty air duct is the leading cause of air pollution inside homes. Unfortunately, that can lead to the same health problems caused by outdoor pollution.  That is why getting your HVAC system’s air ducts cleaned is one of the main ways of preventing indoor pollution.

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