Where to Go Hiking in Italy

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Italy is a famous food, history and culture destination. However, its beauty isn’t just in museums, churches and its quaint towns. The country also has some of the most spectacular and stunning mountains and landscapes in Europe. Thrill and adventure seekers will have several trails to choose from if they decide to hike.

If you’re planning to go on an Italian Alps hiking escapade with the help of a travel agency like alpenwild.com, here are some of the places to consider including in your itinerary.

Cinque Terre

Not exactly the challenge some might look for, but the views of the village by the cliff with the cerulean sea in the background is nothing short of spectacular. This popular route is easy and accessible for many, making it a viable choice for those who want a leisurely hike. The ideal way to see the ensemble of villages is to follow the Sentierro Azzurro. This route will take you along the cliffs by the Ligurian Sea with plenty of stunning views throughout.

Alta Via

The Dolomites is, simply put, beautiful, and the Alta Via is just one of the handful of trails you can follow through these mountains. The 150-km trail cuts through stunning landscapes and sceneries that will make you want to keep going, never wanting the trek to end. Craggy mountain peaks and jaw-dropping valleys are your staples throughout your trip. Take the sights in and enjoy nature, for this will surely be a memorable journey.

Braies Lake

Italy can’t seem to run out of picturesque and social media-worthy landscapes, with Lake Braies as one of them. The stunning lake has an easy trail even beginners can follow. The circular route is mostly flat except in some spots, but these aren’t too difficult. On a clear day, you’ll see the reflection of the snow-capped peaks on its mirror-like waters. Stop every now and then to enjoy the views, be thankful, and take a couple of photos.


Hiker with open arms

This vast area in Lombardy isn’t as famous as its counterpart in the Dolomites but is just as beautiful. This 200-km stretch is right in the center of the beautiful Alps. With this much space, you’ll see spectacular reserves and fetching parks. You have a handful of options when it comes to hiking trails, some of which include the following:

  • Gran vie delle Orobie
  • Via Alpina
  • Alta Via della Valmalenco

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The Dolomites is a beautiful mountain range that will send excited chills up and down an adventurous traveler’s spine. This hiking trail is simply awe-inspiring, with valleys and craggy mountainscapes that will keep you taking pictures or stopping for a moment to admire the views. Pack your bags and essentials, and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget by following this route.

The Giants Trek

This challenging trek in Val D’Aosta is rewarding; you’ll see spectacular landscapes within the week of your journey. The route winds through Monte Bianco, Cervino, Monte Rosa and others. The views along the way will keep you fresh and revitalized despite the aches and pains you’ll feel.

These are some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Alps. You won’t regret following any of these routes regardless of your experience or skill level. Include these in your itinerary if you plan to explore the countryside.

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