What to Do First in Building Your Own Greenhouse

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watering plants in the greenhouse

If you are a nature lover person, it is recommended that you build your haven of greeneries and flowers. The best way to unwind after a long day is to relax and have a cup of tea in your secured greenhouse. A greenhouse is a structure built to grow plants, herbs and vegetables. It is an area where these can be protected and taken care of. Owning this place will improve your skill as a green thumb. You may even use your produce in your food. Vegetables like eggplant, lettuce, carrot and ginger can be an ingredient when you cook your meals. Flowers that are big enough can be a decoration in your house. This is a good idea for people who are refreshed when they see and feel the peacefulness of the environment. If you don’t have one yet, try to construct your own. There are different steps and ideas you may need to think about.

Read through some of the guidelines on the initial instructions on how to build your greenhouse:

1. Permission

Before starting this project, learn about the rules and regulations of your town regarding greenhouse construction. They may have specific requirements to be submitted by the homeowner. Accomplish the forms and certifications to authorise you in building one. If you live in a village, check on the system as well. You may share your plan with your neighbours, and if they have any concerns, they may voice them out.

2. Plan

The next step is to plan the physical structure of the greenhouse. What style do you want it to be? Research online on how they are structured, considering the budget that you have. Check on the least expensive and yet quality structures. Sketch how it can be positioned. You can ask help from professionals in this field. Make sure that the sun is facing the arrangement of your plants. Know the primary directions in your area using a compass so that you are aware of which part the sun rises and sets.

3. Materials

woman holding tomatoes

The concern with materials is that it should be sturdy enough to withstand bad weather conditions like hurricanes. Consider the climate of your area. If it always has excellent or warm weather, you may use wood. Choose hardware that is strong like metal if it always has hurricanes. The roof or covering is also important in maintaining the greenhouse. In the UK, it is recommended to use polycarbonate roofing which is an excellent insulator of heat. It is also durable enough to protect the structure. Meanwhile, floors can be as simple as soil and gravel. You may even use concrete if necessary. Check through your options with an expert in greenhouse construction.

Loving and taking care of your grown plants is a form of recreational activity. It sets the mind at ease without worrying about mundane problems. Make this own spot in your lot if you still have extra space. Be creative and resourceful on constructing your greenhouse design.

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