What Makes a Good and Exemplary Artisan

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an artisan holding a tablet with woodworks at his backBecoming an artisan is a career that you may want to take if you are adept with your hands, and you love fixing things. You can easily find a job, as the artisanal industry has many segments and disciplines to choose from. On the technical side, you may choose to become a plumber or an electrical technician. On the artistic side, you have the option to become a woodworker or a baker. Whichever side or discipline you choose, one thing remains the same: all these jobs require a specific set of skills and traits. You may feel worried about not possessing some of them, but the good news is, you can develop them over time. You have to be dedicated and persistent.

If you are planning to become an artisan, here are some of the admirable traits and skills that you have to develop. Always go the extra mile, and do your best!

Organizational and logistical skills

Artisans, whether they are in the field of arts or technicalities, have a lot of processes to follow and methods to adopt. This means that they will also have to use a lot of tools and equipment—ranging from hammers to chisels and expanding wood glue. With this in mind, it is essential that you know how to manage your tools and equipment; this is where organizational and logistical skills come in. When something is amiss in your logistics, it will be difficult for you to work on projects efficiently. Be mindful of how you manage your things to avoid problems down the line.

Willingness to learn

The artisanal industries change faster than you think. New tools and methodologies are introduced quickly, and you need to learn how to use them properly. You should learn how to introduce new methods into your existing processes; that way, you will be able to improve how you work. But before you do any of these, you should be first willing to learn.


One may think that being an artisan means working in silence; thus they get to avoid human interactions. While the former one is true, the latter statement isn’t. Artisans deal with clients, and for them to effectively work with their customers, they need to have excellent communication skills. They should be able to sense what the clients want. They should take the initiative to ask about what they need.  More important, their communication skills can be used when they go to networking events, where they can find possible customers and partners.

Project management

a hand holding a marker and writings of number of steps

Artisans juggle a lot of projects, and it is vital that they know how to manage them without sacrificing quality. This is the reason artisans are expected to have good project management skills. They should know how to set deadlines and how to manage turnaround times.

Becoming an artisan is a path that may bring you a fortune—whether in the aspects of finances and reputation. However, one does not become successful overnight. You will need to face some challenges, and you will meet a lot of people that will help you define your skills and smarts.

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