A Guide to Sofa Cleaning for Fur Moms and Dads

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Modern living room interior with white sofa and jars

Pets are usually a part of every family, and they make our homes fun and lively. However, when you have pets, especially if they stay indoors, accidents can sometimes take place. Juices and water might spill all over the couch and carpet or worse, they can relieve themselves on these areas sometimes.

Cleaning a couch and any other furniture is not easy when you have a pet, which is why today, we will discuss a few pointers on how to clean your sofa to keep it properly maintained. Make sure to read this before buying your chaise lounge and footstools online:

Soak the Fabric

If your sofa gets stained, make sure to soak the liquid up right away to prevent it from going through the fabric and mattress. The longer it stays there, the harder it will be to get it out. Blot the liquid with a completely dry towel. Make sure not to rub it, though, as this will only make the mess a lot worse.

Leave a dry and clean towel on top of the stain so it can soak up any leftover stain that is left on the sofa. This will also prevent the couch from getting foul odours due to the stain.

Preventing Fur from Taking Over

One of the most difficult things to prevent when you have a pet is their fur getting on everything you own. Dogs, cats, and other pets naturally shed, so you simply cannot prevent fur from getting on your couch and other furniture.

However, there are ways to minimise this and making sure that your furniture stays free from pet hair. You can get one of those lint removers at any pet store and roll it over your furniture if you see any hair sticking out. If you do not have that, then you can simply grab a pair of rubber gloves, dampen it, wear it, and then run your hands across the couch. The fur will all clump together, which will make it easier for you to pick it up and throw it in the bin.

Get Rid of the Odour

Purple sofa with purple wall

It is quite a task to keep your home smelling fresh and clean if you have a pet living indoors with you. This is the reason you would have to work a little bit harder to make sure that the odours will be neutralised.

If you want the smell to go away, then grab a small box of baking soda then leave it in the room overnight. You can also sprinkle this on the couch, leave it for a few hours, then vacuum it right after. Make sure that your pet will not come near it or ingest it, though, as this can be dangerous for them. Another tip is to buy a bottle of those pet sprays and using it on your couch or any affected area.

Make sure to air out your cushions every once in a while to make sure that the odour will fade. Do not put them in direct sunlight, though, as this can easily damage your furniture. If you cannot deal with cleaning the furniture by yourself, then go ahead and ask for help from a professional. Get a piece of furniture that can handle your pets’ naughty habits.

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