Voice Preservation and Improvement Pointers for the Rising Actor

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If you’re an actor, one of the most important assets that you have is your voice. Your voice allows you to deliver your lines and embody your character through words.

So if you want to succeed in your career, one of the things you should always work on is taking care of your voice. You’ll need to care for it, improve it, so you’ll earn the chance of making it big. Begin by following these pointers below.

Make Appointments With Specialists

A speech flaw can hamper your potential career or narrow the roles you can play. Some things are just beyond your control, such as genetics or the occurrence of unfortunate accidents. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to minimize any impediments on your speech.
One of the first things you can do is to visit a speech pathologist or an ear, nose, throat (ENT) doctor to diagnose any issues affecting the quality of your voice. In the case of dental-related causes to your vocal issues, you may go to Upland Dental and Implant Center for consultation or any other place that can facilitate your needs. Once they’ve treated the root issue, you can then proceed to schedule an appointment with a speech therapist to work on your pronunciation.

Engage in Conversation

Do you know that the body actually shuts down certain functions that you don’t use when you’re asleep? It does this so you can focus more energy on recovery. Wear and tear happens daily, more so with actors, since they’re constantly using their voice.

One of the functions that shut down, unless you talk in your sleep, is your speech. This is the reason why your voice is rougher when you’ve just woken up. You can bring it back to its usual sound and keep it that way by talking to someone for around fifteen minutes or so.

Do Speech Exercises

speech exercises

Speech exercises aren’t just for people who need to overcome their impediments. The reason why these exercises involve extending your vowel sounds, reciting limericks and tongue twisters, and engaging in enunciation practice is so that your audience can make out what you’re saying. This is especially important if you’re a voice actor who provides vocal work for expressive animated characters.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a rehearsal space. Try to perform these exercises while doing everyday activities like walking, cooking, driving, shopping, or taking a shower.

Rest When You Can

The status of your voice depends on the condition of your body. When it is always tired and lacking sleep, it will start to slowly break down until you get some meaningful rest. Engaging in certain habits, such as shouting or eating nuts, can also endanger your voice. Remember to avoid these habits if you need to be able to speak clearly for a long period of time. Replace bad habits with helpful activities like resting your voice when you’re not working or auditioning for roles.


When you maintain your voice, you will be less likely to damage and degrade its quality. Spending time, effort, and even money on keeping it well-modulated, clear, and crisp, is a must for your career. This way, you’ll be able to deliver the most memorable lines of your career without worry.

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