Top Tips for First Time Horse Riders

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Are you planning on going horse riding? Horse riding can bea great activity for you to get into. Horse riding has a very long history, and it is a fun activity that has the promise of becoming a great experience. There are a lot of teachers and guides who can help you to get started with this fun activity.

Although you are going to need the help of professionals to teach you how to ride horses, there are some reminders which can help you as a first-time rider. Knowing these, like knowing where to get the best horse reins and other riding accessories can help make your overall experience a good one.

Here are a few tips that you can use when you are horse riding for the first time:

Wear the Right Clothes and Gear

Just like with any other activity, there are certain clothes and apparel which you should wear when you go horse riding. You need to wear long pants, so your legs are fully covered.

The essential gear for horse riding is your footwear. Low heeled boots are the ideal horse-riding footwear, but any type of shoe with closed toes is fine. You should also avoid wearing scarves or anything else which can get caught and entangled.

Connect with Your Horse

Remember that you will be riding an animal, a living being, and not a machine. If you are nervous about your riding a horse for the first time, well, the horse might end up feeling the same way about you.

So, try to connect with the horse and greet it. You should do it when you are first introduced to a horse. The best way to greet a horse is by extending the back of your hand and wait for the horse to smell it.

Mount with Confidence

When you mount the horse, do so with confidence. The horse can sense if you’re nervous, and it might not like the idea of having a rider who is unsure of himself. Your guide will tell which side you should approach the animal when you are mounting.

Sit Up Straight

Do not slouch when you are riding a horse. Sit up straight and relax your body. Being hunched up might make the horse feel uncomfortable about carrying you. Just hold the horse reins in a relaxed manner and do not pull on it too tightly.

Never Use the Saddle Horns for Staying on the Horse

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European saddles do not have saddle horns, but if you are using an American style saddle, do not make a habit out of holding on to saddle horns. These saddle horns will not provide a secure way of staying on the horse. In case there is an emergency, and the horse makes a sudden movement, holding on to the saddle horn will not keep you on the horse.

Don’t Look at the Horse While Riding

Don’t fix your gaze at the horse when you are riding. Look at where you are going. The ideal thing is to look at the path through the ears of your horse.

Horse riding can be a fun and adventurous activity that has the potential of becoming a serious hobby. Just follow these tips to ensure that you and your horse will have a grand time together.

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