Top Attractions in Singapore: 4 Famous Places to Visit First

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sightseeing in Singapore

Singapore may not have the expanse of many other countries, but it sure offers more than enough attractions. One would be surprised at the abundance of experiences you can have in this small city-state. While Singapore is best known as a thriving business hub, it doesn’t lack breathtaking sights and entertainment variety. Apart from the business executives who visit their regional offices here, Singapore draws in many tourists annually.

If you’re just beginning to explore this cosmopolitan Asian city, you can start with the following popular attractions.

Merlion Tower

The legendary Merlion is Singapore’s ‘guardian of prosperity’, to which old folks attribute Singapore’s success. The 37-meter-tall Merlion Tower in Sentosa island, the bigger version of the popular half lion, half fish statue Merlion by the Bay, is a wonder to behold. Elevated and overlooking the entire city, the tower is worth a visit for a little immersion in nature. What makes it worthwhile to see is the care and skill with which the statue was carved. The intricate detail reflects the reverence given to it.

Marina Bay Sands

The hotel is easily one of the most memorable sights on the Singapore skyline. On top of its three towers is a wide SkyPark that features infinity pools, gardens and dining places. The SkyPark provides visitors with a panoramic view of the whole of Singapore. Apart from being a great place to visit, Marina Bay Sands is a very luxurious hotel. It might set you back more than just a pretty penny, but the experience is well worth it, as it’s one of the highest rated accommodation in the world.

Singapore Flyer

If you want a more thrilling way to view the entire state, you can’t go wrong booking a ride on the Singapore Flyer. It’s similar to the London Eye and serves the same purpose. A ride on the Flyer gives you a relaxed and more picturesque way to see the city. The ride isn’t too fast, allowing people a more comfortable and enjoyable pace. It offers comfortable seating and security features, as well.


Merlion, Sentosa Island

No visit to Singapore would be complete without a trip to Sentosa. This artificial island is the lap of luxury. It offers impressive cable car rides – another way to view the island and the city. You can also relax on its beaches and have a massage. This island is home to some of the most luxurious hotels.

If you want a world of accessible experiences in a small package, Singapore is the place to visit. Apart from being a vibrant and prosperous city, it’s also very tourist-friendly. There’s much to see and explore that one visit may not be enough. The best way to enjoy Singapore is to start with the most famous sights and go on from there.

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