Tools That Help Make Life Easy for Independent Seniors

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As we grow older, we’ll start to notice that daily tasks seem much harder to do. We’re not as strong and active as we were before. Doing chores and engaging in routines start becoming a lot of work. And it’s easy to get exhausted after doing short and simple tasks.

But luckily, some tools can help make the “senior life” much easier. There are products in the market specifically designed to aid independent seniors in their daily routines. Take a look and think about getting these for yourself!

Portable Walk-in Bathtub

Data shows that the most common cause of injuries for senior citizens is due to falling. And80% of these occur in the bathroom. True enough, the slippery shower floors and trying to get into the bathtub are dangerous for seniors who don’t have the sense of balance they used to.

Innovations have been made to lessen these bathroom accidents. A portable walk-in bathtub is designed specifically for seniors. It is not permanently installed in the bathroom but can be moved around. It has a built-in door that can be opened and shut with ease, making it easier to walk through.

This innovation is sure to reduce the risk of falling out of balance while trying to get in and out of the bathtub. Not only is it a comfortable device to help seniors bathe, but it also ensures safety.

Grab bars

Senior citizens have weaker balance and muscle control. Because of this, the risk of tripping and falling becomes much greater. There must be grab bars installed around the house. This will give you something to hold onto and add a line of security, preventing falls and accidents.

elderly woman with her nurse

Simple remote control

As we get older, our sight also becomes impaired. As such, small text can’t be read with ease. A device that becomes harder to navigate is the television remote control. All the small buttons make it a challenge to switch channels and adjust the volume on the TV.

Senior citizens would need a simple remote control with big buttons to help them navigate the television set. Get a remote control with only the basic keys for changing channels, adjusting the volume, and turning the device on and off.

Robot vacuum

Senior citizens still need to do chores and clean their homes every once in a while. But with their age and decreased energy, it can be a lot of work. Others would opt to hire a helper or avail of cleaning services to help. But you can save up on expenses by getting your robot vacuum.

This innovation automatically vacuums the floor clean and has sensors to help it get the task done. With this tool, seniors can sit back and leave the dirty work to technology.

Pills organizer

The many pills that seniors need to take daily can be hard to keep track of. They all look alike, and you might run the risk of taking the wrong meds. A pill organizer will help do the trick. Make it a habit to arrange your medicine for the entire week. That way, you’ll be sure to take the right dosages and medicine you need daily.

We don’t have the sensory abilities we used to have back in our younger years. But despite that, life still has a lot to offer. Consider getting these helpful tools to make your senior years easier.

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