Need some tips on creating a successful dental webpage? Top tips from internet marketing teams

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When looking for a dental practice, the majority of patients will go online and search their local area for a suitable team.

But did you know that when it comes to checking out a website, each person decides whether or not they like the site within 15 seconds? If your dental surgery has a site, that’s a small window of time to impress site visitors, so your site will have to look and generally be interesting. As a dentist, you probably won’t really know how to achieve this yourself and as the average surgery needs an additional 50 patients per month to be considered successful, you should endeavor to hire a marketing team who specialize in the running of dental websites.

But as a brief insight on what any marketing specialist will do to your dental surgery’s page, here is a rundown of what the information on the most successful dental websites looks like. Enjoy!


While your website visitors will undoubtedly be looking for reviews of your surgery and your staff, you will want to educate them on what it is that you and your team can offer.

And the best way to do that is with informational blogs and articles about each type of treatment, for example, a guide on dental implants is a great way to inform your site visitors that you provide this service, while also enabling them to learn about the procedure. Depending on the marketing team you hire, they may be able to offer you unique blogs and articles for your page.


But of course, the best dental websites are able to offer the visitors dental information and advice without delving too far into the Latin names and jargon.

Of course, you want your page to display information about dental treatments, but you should always make sure that the articles on your page are accessible to those without a degree in dentistry. You will want your site visitors/ potential patients to be able to make an informed choice about what they need when they come to you.



Another thing that makes certain dental webpages successful and others less so are the level of interaction; many sites are now offering services such as ‘send us your selfie,’ allowing visitors to send photos of themselves as part of a dental assessment.

Such ideas may sound odd, but they have been beneficial to many surgeries and with other aspects such as virtual tours and chat functions, it seems that there is more than your webpage can offer than a simple guide to root canals.

Photos and videos

Exceedingly important if you are doing cosmetic dental surgery!

Photos or even galleries showcasing your team’s work will allow site visitors to assess your level of skill and will once again allow them to make an informed choice. Videos are a great thing to have too, especially if you are looking to work with more nervous dental patients who could benefit from physically seeing your team performing dentistry.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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