How to Maintain Your Business Establishment

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In running a business, you probably already know that following a tight schedule and keeping problems about business operations at bay are some of the hardest things you need to solve. However, there’s one small area that you should also focus on, especially now that we’re facing a pandemic.

You need to keep your business establishment clean and disinfected. This will guarantee that the virus does not spread among your customers or employees and damage your business. Aside from that, proper maintenance of all your equipment is essential to reduce the cost of repairs. We’ve prepared this article to help you out with that.

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Tips for a Clean Establishment

A clean establishment ensures that your business follows the standard health regulations and guidelines and keeps your customers and employees safe from harmful elements. If you follow the various maintenance tasks we’ve listed below, you can guarantee that your establishment is hazardless and visually appealing as well.

Assign Cleaning Tasks

The first thing you need to do is to assign cleaning tasks. Various areas in your business establishment must be kept clean, especially if you’re involved in the food industry. That means that your employees should make it a point to keep everything clean to avoid contamination. With the multitude of tasks that must be done, designating an area for each of your employees will guarantee that your entire establishment is spotless. Don’t forget that there are also tasks that must be done weekly and monthly, so you may want to consider those as well.

Use Matting

Eighty percent of dust and dirt that circulates throughout your establishment came in from the front door? That’s why addressing this problem where it starts is an important part of cleanliness. Ensure that you have matting or rugs by the front door for your customers or clients to dust off their shoes before entering the premises. Adding about 12 to 20 feet of indoor matting or rug will also significantly reduce the airborne dust inside your establishment. Since these will receive plenty of damage over time, make sure that you maintain them as well. Cleaning them regularly or finding professional services to restore your rug will help prolong its lifespan.

A Culture of Cleanliness

If you really wish your establishment to be spotless at all times, be sure to promote a culture of cleanliness in your business. In addition to the duties you’ve designated to your employees, encourage them to use some of their downtimes to mop the floor, clean the windows, or take out the trash. Aside from maximizing the safety of the place, not having trash or used items lying around will invite more customers into your establishment.

Schedule Deep-cleaning

While some of these maintenance tasks will surely help maintain your establishment, it’s still important that you deep-clean once in a while. This is often done on the pieces of equipment that use electricity, including the freezer, air-conditioning unit, and light fixtures. Defrosting, dusting, and checking the wiring cables are necessary to keep them functioning properly. Some of the more intricate tasks can’t be done by your employees alone, especially if they are unfamiliar with the equipment. Make sure that you consult the services of a professional to avoid problems.

Daily Checkup

Before your employees head home, make sure that they have time to conduct a thorough checkup of the establishment. Instruct them to unplug all the appliances and equipment and switch off anything that uses electricity and water. Tools that were used during the day must be kept in their proper storage areas, and make sure that the windows and doors are firmly locked. This habit of checking everything will ensure that your establishment does not encounter incidents even when no one is around to monitor or observe it. Incidents such as fires or flooding will be avoided by following this.

Invest in Cleaning Equipment

Do not make cleaning tasks difficult for your employees. Make sure that you invest in cleaning equipment. This will guarantee that maintenance tasks are done efficiently and quickly, giving your employees more time to serve customers or clients. Additionally, having all the necessary cleaning equipment will ensure that your establishment is cleaned properly. Don’t forget to also include sanitation and disinfection tools to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Investing in these products is a small price to pay for maximizing your establishment’s safety and cleanliness.

Your customers or clients will appreciate it if your establishment is spotless. This will keep them coming back, and it’ll also help attract potential customers into your business. Making an effort to maintain your establishment is an investment for a more successful business.

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