Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair at Home

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Who does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair? But going to the hair salon might be hard to schedule and, perhaps, it could also get a bit costly. You can do so much to maintain salon-quality hair at home. After all, hair care is also your responsibility and not only your stylist’s! So, here are some ways to keep your hair healthy at home.

Invest in high-quality hair care products

It is very important to nourish your crowning glory with the right products. The market nowadays offers a lot of choices, from luxury hair care products to more affordable options. To choose which one is best for you, you might want to ask for professional advice from your hairdresser.

Get products that protect your hair from heat

Frequent blow drying, ironing and even sunlight can cause heat damage on your hair. If you often use heat to style your hair, you should make a habit of using a heat protecting product. You would know you used the right amount of heat protectant if you use the flat iron on your hair and it appears to steam off.

Do not wash your hair every day

Your scalp produces natural oils that are needed to keep your hair healthy and shampooing gets rid of these oils along with all your hair’s nutrients. Frequent hair washing is even more damaging if you wash with hot water because it is more effective than cold water in washing away the oils in your hair. How often you should wash your hair depends on how oily your scalp is.

Rinse your hair with cold water

Cold water works the same way on your hair as it does on your skin. When you wash your face with cold water, your pores contract and appear smaller. Meanwhile, it helps your hair lay smoothly by sealing the cuticles of your hair. Your hair reflects light better when the hair cuticles are smooth, which means that it makes your hair appear shinier.

Use the best tools for your hair

Aside from investing in hair care products, you would also want to invest in the right tools for your hair. It does not just mean spending money on blow dryers and irons, you should also get the right towels, combs and brushes for your haircut and style. For example, rounded brushes are good for wavy hair and flat brushes are good for straight hair. Also, wide-tooth combs smoothen tangles while causing minimal hair damage, and microfiber towels reduce frizz and are not coarse for fragile wet hair, unlike regular bath towels.

Sleep on satin pillowcases

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Satin pillowcases are good for your hair mostly because of the reduced friction. Unlike dry cotton pillows, they do not push your hair out of shape and they also help reduce split ends.

Remember that only doing the tips above is not enough, you should still go to the hair salon every so often to make sure that your hair is getting the right treatment. As people often say, the hair is the crowning glory; so, in taking great care of your hair, you are also taking great care of your glorious self.

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