Choosing Tile Flooring for Your Home

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man installing floor tilesRegardless of the evolution in material and patterns, tile flooring has been around for some time and might stick around longer. It is close to impossible to walk into a home and not spot a tile in any room. The overall look of tile flooring after addition in a home in Orange County is a guarantee. However, the most important task when considering this flooring is the process of choosing the ideal type. Just pick the pattern that appeals to you. The process of choosing tiles is way beyond their patterns and color. The essential considerations include:


Cleanliness is essential in a home for the good health of its residents. However, it takes frequent cleaning to keep a home clean and healthy. Therefore, you should consider how you plan to maintain your floor for a clean home throughout. It is easier to clean porcelain and ceramic tiles than glass and stone ones.

Tile Grout

Like tiles, grout is available in different colors, and you should choose what you want. Consider this: grout that resembles your tiles will not show up, making your floor look seamless and compact. Grout that has a color that contrasts with the color of the tiles makes the tiles more visible. The choice of your tiles and desired overall look will guide your decision.

Style and Texture of the Tiles

Matte or textured tiles have rough finishes, so they are less slippery than shiny ones. Rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen where there is a lot of interaction with water, are better off with textured tiles. That is because shiny tiles in the bathroom are likely to cause sliding and falls. Falls can cause broken limbs, broken bones, and even death. Other rooms can use shiny tiles, though. Make sure that the tile choice does not interrupt the interior theme of a room.

Size of the Tiles

couple choosing tilesAfter choosing the tiles to use, you need to decide on the size. Tiles come in different sizes and shapes, so it will not be a task to choose a suitable size. The size and shape of your room will guide your choice of the size. Small tiles make a room appear busy, while large tiles give the illusion of a bigger room.

Color of the Tiles

Unlike other flooring options, tiles present homeowners a vast choice of colors to choose from. The trick to getting the tile color right is mixing and matching shades or using contrasting colors. This creates a contrast to the human eye. A darker shade will add depth to the tiles, while a lighter one creates shine.

You cannot purchase tile flooring for your home based on the appearance of tiles alone. As much as flooring has to match your home’s décor, the tiled floor must be functional as well. Your decision to choose the right type of tile requires logical thinking if you want to make the right one. First, determine the placement and purpose requirements and then focus on the look. After that, the installation process will be easy and eventually successful.

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