The Lost Art of Porch Sitting

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With today’s fast-paced world, everyone seems to be on a race to get to work fast, to get home fast, and even to get rich fast. That has led to more people feeling stressed out and unable to enjoy the small things that life can offer. If you are currently in this cycle, you might want to slow down a bit and smell the proverbial roses.

The Art of Sitting Down

Because we are always on-the-go, many of us have forgotten the value of sitting down. Sitting down allows us to have time to connect with people around us as well as with ourselves. For those who belong to the generation where mobile phones are foreign, sitting down on the porch is way better.

Take Time to Sit Down

If you live in such places like Salt Lake City, Denver, or Seattle Portland, sitting down on the porch for at least 20 minutes per day will allow you to cool down and forget about the usual hustle and bustle of the corporate world. Of course, you don’t have to only sit down on the porch. You can take this time to be with your family, or you can use it to be alone and read your favorite book. Now, if you are going to spend some time on your front porch, you need to make sure that it is up for the “challenge.”

Spruce Up Your Front Porch

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Scrubbing up and repainting your front porch should be on top of your list if you would like to spend some quality nights on your front porch. At the same time, you might need to have a few potted plants here and there to make the area look livelier. A good way to go about this, though, is to have plants that can help keep mosquitoes at bay, especially during the night or rainy season.

Some rug and a few pieces of rocking chairs should do the trick in making your little nook look cozier. If you have a big enough space, you might want to consider having a small table to hold your books or your snack as you pass the time away. Of course, you need to make sure that you have proper lighting so that you do not have to squint when you do some night reading.

Find an Alternative Place

On the off chance that your porch is not up for the challenge or if you do not have enough space to serve as your nook, you might want to consider getting a shed instead. Sheds for sale in Salt Lake City or other areas typically come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your space.

Once you have it installed, you can spruce it up by having a few potted and hanging flowering plants. At the same time, your shed can serve as a storage space for some of your gardening equipment when not in use. Get it surrounded by lanterns, torches, and tikis, and you are on your way to getting a great place for those relaxing nights you are longing for.

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