Renovating Your Home? Here’s How To Protect It During The Process

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Renovating your home is exciting. But wait! Do you have a beloved vase near the wall you’ll be repainting? Are you sure a drill will not chip your pristine tiles?

Figuring out how to protect items, surfaces, and areas while you’re renovating can be nerve-wracking. To help you along, here are ways to protect your valuable items while you’re renovating some parts of your home.

Cover the flooring

You always want to protect your flooring at all times–whether it’s made of tiles, wood, lamination, or carpeting. Contractors will track mud, dirt, and debris as they go in and out of the house. Dust and more debris will fall from the walls or the ceiling. There is also a high risk of the paint spilling on the floor if this is part of your renovations.

Even if you’re renovating the floor, protect the other areas that will not be changed. So, look for items designed to protect floors. You’ll find them in your local hardware store. They’ll have names like “surface shield” or “temporary floor protection.” There are even products specially designed for stairs. These protection sheets are pliable but thick enough to withstand scratches. They’re easy to install and remove as well.

Move furniture and obstacles to a different area

Man looking at a furniture

Move large furniture to a different area, not necessarily to a different room. You can temporarily rearrange them at the center or the opposite side of the room.

Doing this will not only ensure that your furniture will stay safe, but it will also give the contractors a larger area to move around in. To add more protection, cover your furniture with thick cloths to keep them safe from dust and minor spills.

While you’re moving things, you might want to clear out decor like wall art and rugs. This will give the contractors an obstacle-fee path to and from the renovation area.

Keep important items in a safe place

Probably the most important tip: pack away all your collectibles, breakables, and anything that you consider as valuable. Keep them in a safe place.

Also, remember that the contractors might be drilling and pulling out big sections of your house. So, a safe place should be able to withstand some shaking. You wouldn’t want to store your vase on a shelf without a cover and have it fall because of the construction going on around it.

Clean the renovation area every day

Even if contractors use modern tools and supplies like self-drilling decking screws that make their work easier and cleaner, there will still be a lot of dust and debris at the end of the day.

So, sweep, dust, and vacuum each time the contractors go home for the day. You’ll be able to keep the dirt away from other areas of the house, and the chores will not pile up on you.

Always remember these strategies when you renovate your home. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your valuable furniture, decor, and flooring are safe. And you can look forward to your house transforming into a more beautiful home for you.

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