Smart Technologies You Need In Your Homes

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The home is arguably the most important place in anyone’s life. It is the place of comfort where people retreat to by default. As technology continues to advance, it brings an array of devices that can aid your day-to-day home errands and needs.

But what does technology offer these days for the modern home? There is practically an advanced version for any home appliance today. Perfect examples are smart refrigerators, TVs, alarms, and even stoves. Not many consider these appliances a necessity, but their advantages over their traditional versions are hard to ignore.

Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Home automation takes your home’s accessibility, comfort, and security to a new level. You can link connected devices, manage them from anywhere with an internet connection, and even talk to these devices if you want quick information.

By providing the proper tools and technologies to your home, you will have the capability to manage and monitor your home from almost anywhere. It can reduce or even eliminate your need to hire a professional to maintain your home.

You can also save money on utility bills by automatically adjusting temperatures and lights while at work. Even better is that you know that you and your family are safe and secure since you can monitor your property from anywhere at any time.

The Numbers on Smart Home Tech

Ever since 2000, home technology has evolved and dominated the market. Today’s notable players in this industry are LG, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Xiaomi. These tech companies have been providing people with an array of devices for almost a decade now. Statistics say that as of April 2021, the number of smart homes worldwide stands at 259 million.

The smart home tech market size has also ballooned up to a whopping $99 billion. According to the 2019 Media Post, 69 percent of houses have at least one smart home device. Suffice to say that the world has adopted smart home devices as parts of their lives. But with the products out in the market, how do you know what products you should focus get?

The Best Smart Home Devices

As you scour the market for smart home devices you can utilize for your home, keep these options in mind. Some of these devices are niche, but they will be the most considerable time and energy savers to invest in if used well. Here are the best types of smart home devices you can install at home right now:

  • Smart Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment equipment is one of the most technically advanced things you can get for your home. The most prominent smart entertainment device is the smart TV, which is a staple to any home, as they provide access to the internet directly from the television. It allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows in high definition hassle-free.

If you’re looking to enhance your home with a device that functions as a virtual assistant, search engine, and media player, Amazon is a great option. The Amazon Echo Show makes home entertaining more fun. It’s an audio speaker with a built-in 7-inch video display where you can watch a video of your favorite music videos or read recipes on your screen while you cook. You can also make video calls to friends and family using the device’s screen.

  • Smart Appliances


Smart appliances allow you to program your oven or washer to start at a certain time, so you never have to stay home to cook. It will take energy management to another level with built-in convenience features.

While many home appliances are stuck in the past, Samsung’s new refrigerator is full of bright ideas. This app-enabled fridge can provide you with your grocery list, recipes to cook, check the weather, control temperature, read news updates, and play music from Pandora or even Twitter. It’s like an iPad that keeps the milk cold!

  • Smart Utilities

Smart utilities have a variety of tools to increase the efficiency of how they provide service. It gathers data from different sources used to maintain a reliable and consistent energy supply.

Smart garage door openers are a good example. Smart garage door openers are designed to make life easier. There’s no more struggling to get out of your car in bad weather or forgetting to close it afterward. All you need to do is press a button on the remote. You can also control the garage door’s motors through an app on your phone, which means no more going back and forth from your car to operate them.

Other notable ones are smart water controllers that help you manage water sprinklers and hoses efficiently from anywhere. There are also intelligent air conditioners that can recognize patterns based on usage and environment to determine its power level without controlling it manually.

  • Smart Assistant

An essential part of any smart home is an assistant device. These types of smart home devices are the brain of your whole smart home because they allow you to control any smart device in your home with just your voice, no need to pick up your phone and press buttons.

As smart homes become more common and evolve with the advancement of technology, the world will also gradually face an inevitable need for them in the future. Every home worldwide will have more than one smart device, and families will feel the burden of day-to-day home lives much less.

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