Restoring the shine to your healthy smile

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For those seeking a quick method to brighten their smile and boost their overall confidence, turning to teeth whitening Harley Street can be a popular choice. In one short appointment at the dental clinic or a treatment carried out at home, you can visibly see the results either immediately or within weeks of starting the at home treatments. Brightening up the smile is no longer a drawn out process and within weeks your smile can be radiant again.

Before starting a particular treatment or procedure the dentist will always take time to examine the teeth, mouth and gums and discuss life habits such as what drinks and food are consumed and whether the patient smokes. All these details along with the physical examination will enable the dental team to create the best plan of action for you and advise on which treatments they believe would be more suitable for your individual circumstances.

As there are multiple levels and whitening options available, it is always important to discuss your aims with your dental team so as to ensure you are all starting from the same place. It may be that you have a particular event you want the teeth whitened by, or it may be that you have tooth sensitivity which you are concerned about. No matter what it is, ensure that you disclose as much as possible on the matter to your dental team so that together you can create a whitening plan that works for you.

Along with the before and during aspects of the whitening process, it is important to understand the aftercare. After all, at no point do you want to have the treatment and then let yourself down through diminished aftercare. Keeping on top of this at home is imperative to help maintain the best possible whitening result for as long as possible.

Some of the possible whitening options available

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Zoom whitening, is as it sounds, a faster approach to whitening the tooth. This particular method is carried out in a dental chair and lasts approximately one hour. With this focused approach, it does not take long to brighten the smile, this is, therefore, the more popular choice for those with a special occasion arising.

Another, more sedate way to brighten the smile is to have the at-home whitening kit. This process is carried out at night using custom made trays filled with a whitening paste. Whilst this process takes longer than the zoom whitening, the results are gradually built on and enable the patient to carry out the process whilst sleeping leaving little impact on daily life.

Alternatively for those seeking a combination treatment, it is good to know that this is entirely possible to have a mixture so as to gain the best results possible.

All of this will need to be discussed in detail with your dental team, as they will be able to work with you to find a solution that will work best for your individual circumstances.

Looking into the best aftercare routine?

Whilst you are not expected to avoid certain food and drinks for life, for the hours following on from the treatment or procedure it is recommended that patients avoid products that may impact the colouring of their teeth. This means drinks such as coffee, tea or foods such as beetroot or coffee beans which are sometimes chewed. For the first 48 hours, it is important to try and avoid the regular habits and steer towards water and other low impact foods and drinks. This will allow your teeth to have the best chance of remaining white for a longer period of time.

Ensure that you discuss all your options before diving into a treatment or procedure to ensure that you are going for the most suitable one for you.

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