Practical Pointers on Turning an Old Office Space into a Corporate Café

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Businesspeople working in a cafeCafés are one of the largest industries nowadays that continue to grow due to their popularity with the youth and young professionals. The common notion is to put these up in places of leisure such as malls. However, that will incur a huge amount for lease. An interesting alternative is to set one up in an office building since these places are also full of young professionals. They would love to take advantage of the proximity of your establishment. Here are a few pointers to make this idea possible for you:

Get the Experts

Usually, if you are on a budget, you would think of going for a do-it-yourself approach. However, investing in professional commercial design gives you access to knowledge and expertise that let you save more in the long run. Choose one from the many construction companies available in the area and get their help. Of course, you should not forget to do your research by checking out their background and reviews.

Put Up a Comfortable Counter

The counter is where you will interact with the customers the most, and you would want this to give a great and long-lasting first impression on them. Consider its design, colour, and material carefully and make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible for you and your staff to work with at optimum efficiency. It might be a small part of your café, but it can affect the speed and quality of your service.

Build a Great Kitchen

Modern office design with kitchenOffice employees do not have access to a proper kitchen to prepare their food most of the time, so you need to be the one to save their day by serving them delicious meals. A functional kitchen will be used well as many corporate customers prefer to have food alongside their drinks, especially when they are pressed for time. You do not have to make your kitchen big, but it does have to be enough for your employees to make any items on the menu.

Reuse Older Furniture

If furnishing is one of your main concerns due to budget constraints, then you may want to think of using the furniture left by the previous tenants of your office space. Make it a point to check out all of those pieces of furniture before you throw any of them away. Fit those that are usable to your overall theme, or try adjusting your café design to accommodate them. You may have to do a bit of repair here and there, but you can save more with this option than if you buy new ones.

A good cup of coffee can do wonders for a person who is taking a break from work, and even more so when it is paired with a comfy place to enjoy the drink. Stressed out office employees will surely appreciate any place where they can loosen up and unwind, and they will be happy to find one that is close. Capitalize on this opportunity with a café that is specially made for them. You can expect them to come in droves.

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