On Shade and Beauty: The Different Types of Plantation Blinds

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plantation blinds at homeFor people who are looking for other options when it comes to having beautiful windows aside from using decorative curtains, blinds are the best choices in terms of both practicality and style. Usually made of a frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles, window shutters are stable and solid window coverings used for a variety of purposes including for security, regulating sunlight that enters a particular room, and protection against storms, among others. They also come in different types, including café style, plantation, tier-on-tier, or full height shutters. Among these, plantation blinds are particularly popular in warmer parts of the country.

Before you start looking up where you could find plantation shutters in NJ, here is an in-depth look into the different types of plantation blinds.

Wood plantation blinds

For a traditional look of cosiness and comfort, plantation shutters are the way to go for some homeowners. Blinds that have wood as their primary material are the cream of the crop when it comes to this type of window shutters. In particular, the ones made from basswood are widely considered to be the gold standard of plantation blinds because of their characteristic to be very lightweight while being significantly strong at the same time. Wood is also very easy to use since it could be made into a variety of designs or shapes and even be painted or stained to suit your architectural needs.

Vinyl plantation blinds

In terms of being cost-efficient, these are the least expensive among the different types of plantation blinds. Shutters made from vinyl have no wood and usually use aluminium or PVS supports to maintain their stability. The main selling point of this type is its cost. In addition, vinyl blinds are also highly weather resistant as well as being suitable for places with high moisture levels. They come in different kinds including hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, solid, solid vinyl with aluminium insert, and vinyl –clad wood.

Composite plantation blinds

white plantation blinds

The third type of plantation blinds is usually made from engineered wood, which is medium density fiber boards or MDFs that are covered with vinyl or a layer of PVC. Composite plantation shutters are also in other names such as manufactured wood, faux wood, or fake wood, among others. This type is known for its durability as well as being resistant to humidity and natural elements like rain or snow. In addition, they are also reasonably priced and offer an increase in the aesthetic value of your home’s façade. For some homeowners, composite plantation blinds provide an attractive alternative to the more traditional wood shutters.

Plantation blinds offer a way for you to give your windows a stunning and affordable makeover. In general, this type of window shutters would be an asset to your family and help you incorporate a more relaxed, country feeling that would increase your home’s character for years to come.

For a more traditional look with the bonus of being sturdy at the same time, you could opt for wood blinds. Meanwhile, for those looking for a more affordable option, you could choose either vinyl or composite.

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