Emergency Dentist in Southgate

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Emergency care when it is needed most

When someone falls victim to a sore mouth, whether it be a painful infection that cannot be brushed aside or a tooth has been chipped or broken due to an accident, it is essential that treatment is sought out quickly in order to reduce pain and limit the complications.

With dentists and patients both agreeing, most people in pain do want it to be dealt with as soon as possible.

If a patient is looking for an emergency dentist in Southgate, then they can rest assured knowing that a dentist will do everything they can to ensure that their patient is looked at during the day of request. They want to allow their patient to have the best possible chance of repairing the tooth in question, with the likelihood of this rapidly decreasing the longer a patient has to wait to be seen.

What can a person do to save a knocked out tooth?

Depending on the situation, there is a chance that a dentist will be able to return a tooth to its socket if it has been knocked out due to an injury. The highest chances occur within an hour of being knocked out.

If a patient is able to replace the tooth into the socket themselves temporarily, they can help to staunch the bleeding and minimise swelling to the area. Take careful consideration not to accidentally swallow the tooth, do not force the tooth into the socket and make sure the tooth is facing the correct way.

Should this not be an option, cleaning the tooth and leaving it in a small container of milk or salted water is the best option, to take to the dentist at their earliest possible convenience.

What can a patient expect if needing immediate care from their dentist?


Upon arrival to the dentist, a thorough examination will take place. This will include x-rays to determine the extent of the damage as a knocked tooth may have injured other teeth as well.

If a patient is in any amount of pain and discomfort, the option for a local anaesthetic will be provided. This will numb the area and allow the dentist to inspect or work around the area in question without needing to put their patient into any further discomfort.

The dentist will completely clean and sterilize the area in order to reduce the risk of infection. They will do this in a way that a person at home cannot do, with sterilizes tools and equipment designed specifically for the mouth, teeth and gums.

Damaged teeth during the emergency appointment will be temporarily restored so that the patient can continue on with life as comfortable as possible until a permanent solution can be arranged. There is the possibility that a permanent fix can be sorted out during the emergency visit, it depends on the individual’s situation.

There may be a need to extract the remainder of a tooth, due to infection or the damage at the site is too severe. Implant treatments will be discussed which will happen relatively quickly and are permanent options that look just like natural teeth.

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