No Happy Endings: How Depression Destroys Relationships

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The sad thing about depression is that it affects not just you but also your significant other. When this mental health problem goes unchecked for a long time, it leaves two people broken and hurt. It’s not always easy to spot depression since it often looks like typical sadness. But if what you feel causes bad behavior, you should seek the help of psychologists.

You nag more

Most people have this picture of depression wherein someone is tearful all the time. But the truth is, this health problem also triggers irritability and anger. You might find yourself berating your partner or lashing out because of little things. The worse part is that depressed people are oblivious to such negative behavior because of their intense feeling of emptiness. The key to dealing with this is self-awareness. You must seek professional help and consider cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Westport-based practitioners claim that it can help patients identify and overcome negative thoughts.

Through CBT, the patients can manage emotions such as resentment and anger. You can well from this treatment if you have depression. Aside from being self-aware, you should learn to communicate to your significant other that it’s okay for them to leave a fight. Some psychologists even encourage having scripts signaling that both parties should remove themselves from an argument.

You isolate yourself.

sad lonely woman using her phone

Depression makes you want to withdraw from other people. Some feel a sense of shame not being able to pull themselves out of that darkness. Others don’t have the energy to socialize. Even though depression is a mental health problem, it affects the physical body, making the patient feel like they’re so drained and sluggish. If you succumb to isolation, your depression can become worse. Detaching yourself from the world makes you alone with your thoughts, which is damaging and sometimes life-threatening. Eventually, you’ll find yourself emotionally miles apart from your partner even though you sleep on the same bed. If can’t hold a conversation with your spouse, at least try to connect with them through other means, like writing a short note or sending a text. A simple “Thanks for your patience” can do a lot in protecting your relationship.

You don’t want to make love anymore.

A hallmark symptom of depression is the inability to enjoy things that you usually do. If you feel bad, you won’t be in the mood to be intimate with someone. Depression causes your energy levels to plummet. As a result, pleasurable activities like sex become boring for depressed people. This takes a significant toll on your relationships. In this instance, you want to make it clear that it’s not your partner’s fault. Assure them that your low sex drive isn’t necessarily a reflection of your love for them. You can ask your doctor if there are alternatives to antidepressants since these medications can affect your libido.

In the end, remember that depression can destroy your relationship with your significant other. Before it becomes damaged beyond repair, take action immediately. You should seek help once you notice the signs.

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