How Invisalign can benefit health

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Getting teeth straightened using Invisalign comes with a whole host of benefits.  These are braces that are unlike the usual metal ones that many people think of when they consider orthodontic treatment.  Here is an explanation of what the treatment is and why it is so popular, as well as a discussion of how it can be beneficial for a person’s health, demonstrating that Invisalign cost in London can be well worth the investment.

Invisalign: the definition

Invisalign is the modern answer to teeth straightening.  Teeth that are misaligned are gently nudged into a straight position with the use of clear aligners that are worn as a type of shield over the teeth.  Aligners are created after the dentist has recorded the position of the individual teeth of the patient, making this a tailored solution.  The patient is issued with multiple sets of aligners during the treatment, with each one changing slightly as the teeth become straighter and more uniform.

Why is this treatment so popular?

These braces are completely invisible, which means that the patient does not have to explain to anyone that they are having treatment.  This makes them an ideal choice for a range of patients, from self-conscious teenagers to mature adults who need to make an impression in both working and social contexts.

These braces are very comfortable due to being customized and because the material they are made of is very soft and supple plastic.  Treatment is usually relatively quick, especially when compared with other types of braces: many patients have the look they want after just a few months.

Improving mental health

Clear braces can help to improve mental health in two ways.  Firstly, when the patient is in the process of undergoing treatment, they can feel good about the fact that they are making a positive change in their life that remains totally hidden to others.

Secondly, when the braces have done their job and the patient finally has the smile they have always wanted, they often feel a surge in self-confidence.  They feel good about their smile again, which helps them to feel more attractive overall.  The result of this can be that they are more able to socialize and enjoy the company of new people, all of which can help to improve mental health.

Patient having a Dental Check Up

Better oral health

Although most people are able to justify the Invisalign cost purely for cosmetic reasons, they can also look forward to better oral health.  Teeth that are misaligned can be more difficult to keep clean.  This is because there are usually areas where the teeth are crooked or overcrowded that a toothbrush cannot reach.  The result of this can be a build-up of plaque and bits of food that can cause bad breath and even gum disease.

Increased likelihood of good general health

People who have good oral health are more likely to be healthier in general.  Issues such as gum disease, that can be caused by the teeth being misaligned, affect the body as a whole.  The inflammation involved can spread to other parts of the body such as the heart, lungs and brain, potentially contributing to cardiovascular and respiratory disease as well as dementia.

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