If I have Invisalign will I need IPR?

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In some cases when patients opt for Invisalign in St John’s Wood, it may be that their dentist says they need IPR. This is usually because there isn’t enough space in your mouth for the teeth to be moved into the correct positioning, that’s where IPR comes in.

What is IPR?

IPR stands for interproximal reduction. It’s a process that dentists use to safely remove very tiny amounts of enamel from in between a patient’s teeth and as such reduce their width. In some patients, this process can be used as a substitute for having teeth removed. It also can help with the shape of a person’s teeth.

How does it work?

There’s more than one way for IPR to be carried out, if it’s that your dentist is only wanting to remove a tiny portion of enamel it can be that they will just use a little file but if it’s that more width needs to be taken then a polishing disc can be used. The procedure is very simple and causes little to no discomfort to the patients as enamel doesn’t actually contain any nerve endings. It’s also super quick with each tooth being completed in a matter of seconds.

When the dentist is performing IPR treatments they will regularly check the gap to make sure they’ve taken enough away, once the enamel is taken off your teeth or tooth will be polished up to make a new soft and smooth edge.

In some cases the dentist will place small elastic bands between the teeth to start creating the gap needed, this can make people’s teeth ache ever so slightly but nothing to worry about.

Is removing enamel not dangerous?


You’ve clearly done your research and know how important tooth enamel is in protecting the teeth. As with Interproximal reduction, the dentist is removing such a tiny amount of enamel the process is totally safe and is highly unlikely to affect the health of your gums or teeth at all. In fact, when you compare it to the alternative option for overcrowding which is tooth extraction it feels like a much nicer way to play it.

After any IPR treatment, it would be totally normal for the patient to be feeling a little bit more sensitive than normal but don’t worry this is ok and shouldn’t last longer than a few days. If it were to persist it would be best to get back in contact with your dentist.

IPR and Invisalign in St John Wood

Often when patients opt for Invisalign there is some sort of overcrowding going on, and to be able to put the teeth in the desired position space will need to be made for the teeth to be moved in to. This is when your dentist could suggest IPR as a solution. IPR can also make a more secure contact area between the front teeth, simply put contact between the moving teeth is better and it is reducing gaps between the teeth and gum line.

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