The importance of choosing the right aesthetics practitioner for facial injectables

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Anyone wondering about the popularity of aesthetic treatments such as Botox Dublin is in society today just need to take a look at the worth of the non-surgical beauty in the UK, with 9 out of 10 procedures carried out said to be a type of injectable filler.

With soaring demand in a booming industry, it remains a concern that patients opting for aesthetic procedures are, on the whole, unprotected. The industry is overrun by practitioners without the necessary know-how and skill to carry out what is essentially a medical procedure. With everyone from skin clinics to beauty salons offering hard-to-resist prices, treatments are readily available from almost anywhere.

The concern with receiving injectable fillers at the hands of the unskilled and inexperienced mainly revolves around the harm that can be caused to the patient. Droopy eyelids, paralysis, overarching eyebrows and facial asymmetry are some of the adverse reactions that can occur. Patients can also experience swelling, bruising and pain if the practitioner administering the injections does not have the knowledge or practised hands in injecting fine needles into facial muscles.


That there is a possibility that something can go wrong with an injectable filler procedure, raises the question of what one should look for in a cosmetics practitioner.

Factors to consider when choosing a practitioner for facial injectables

The NHS highlights the importance of a few considerations to factor into one’s decision-making before choosing a practitioner to deliver high-quality results from facial injectable fillers.

Do not discount training, skill and education. When it comes to facial injectables, the practitioner that carries most of the relevant skills and experience are dental practitioners. Dental practitioners, in their training and in the practice of dental care, have in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy and are well-practised in the use of fine needles to deliver a comfortable patient experience and desirable results.

Does the aesthetics practitioner inspire confidence and trust? How important is trust in aesthetic treatments? Absolutely crucial if one is looking for safe, comfortable and top-quality results.

Another factor that may easily be overlooked by patients is communication. It is best to choose an aesthetics practitioner who can explain the treatment, the product, what it does, the benefits and risks and what is to be expected post-procedure. Also, clarity must be provided on potential side-effects, what’s to be done and aftercare guidelines. Even though patients may seek facial injectables for cosmetic benefits, as with any type of medical procedure, all of the patient’s questions and concerns must be addressed.

The quality of the product used is another essential factor. When choosing an aesthetic clinic, it is in the patient’s best interest to have questions answered about the product that is to be injected into their body.

A consultation appointment is a golden opportunity to ‘get a feel for the competence of the practitioner. Even though facial injectables are widely used today to enhance physical appearance, it may not be suitable for every patient. A consultation with a suitably qualified practitioner is the most reliable time to get the information one needs from a reliable source.

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