Important Things You Need to Know About Radar Detectors

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radar detector on back of a carFor many car enthusiasts, radar detectors are a must-have gadget, especially for vehicles with injection boosters or nitro boost. In fact, some car racers use police radar guns to help them monitor speed and make adjustments with their engine setup. In addition, many car racers also use radar detectors to ensure safety and avoid getting a speeding ticket when driving in town.

Brief History

In 1971, the first radar detector was introduced in the United States. Developers started making big improvements with the design and functionalities, which attracts other motorists. However, some states, including Virginia and Washington D.C. did not approve selling the aforementioned technology to regular motorists. While it is now legal in most states, there are still some that prohibit the use of radar detectors.

Tips for Buying Radar Detectors

While there are now several vendors online and accessory shops, you need to be careful when buying radar detectors. Make sure to do your research. Check the profile and read reviews about their products and services. Get feedback from their past customers. This should help you gauge the quality of their products. Below are tips that you may consider before you buy a radar detector:

1. Determine the type of detector you need

There are different types of radar detectors. These are remote, cordless, and wired detectors. Remote and wired detectors are a bit cheaper than the cordless type. They are as efficient as other types, but the only disadvantage is that you cannot use them for other vehicles since you need to mount the device.

Some car owners use wired detectors. You can simply install one on the windshield. Wired detectors are also durable and weatherproof. On the other hand, cordless detectors are the most popular type because of the convenience that they offer. They are portable, so you can use them anywhere you want.

2. Check the brands

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Just like buying any other gadget, it is advisable to know the manufacturer. Again, do more research and check the features they offer. Some of the most popular brands today are Whistler, Cobra, and Escort. Check and compare the prices they offer. Ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. There are also social group sites that you can join to learn more about certain brands. For sure, you can get valuable insights from their firsthand experience.

3. Explore the added features

Radar detectors have come a long way. As mentioned, many manufacturers have improved their products to make these devices more accurate and easy to use. One of the best added features from some brands is the urban mode. This is ideal for car owners who drive a lot within speed limits. This configuration can help minimize the range of frequencies. It can reduce the number of false alerts.

Another popular feature today is the voice alert. You can activate this to avoid going beyond the speed limit. Some can even detect road obstruction and other hazards. There is no need to get another speeding ticket from police officers. Equip your car with efficient radar detectors.

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