How to Stay in London Comfortably

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Red bus in motion and Big Ben, the Palace of WestminsterWhen talking about the most prominent and influential cities in the world, London would be on top of the list. It is considered a global cultural center, exhibiting excellent fashion and booming industries.

As a tourist, it may be challenging to find the right place to stay in London. If you are eyeing for a cheaper option to live in London comfortably for a year, you can consider taking a shared accommodation with the people close to you. You can find numerous affordable accommodation in London online.

Some people say that London — a hot spot for experts and professionals worldwide — is the most expensive city in the world to find accommodation because the city boasts strong wages. But to break the thinking that living in the town can hurt your budget, read this guide.

Cheaper than Other Urban Areas

To give you an idea, finding an affordable place to live in London is not that difficult. There is easy access to transportation, food, and entertainment. When you have a high average wage, you’re lucky and you’ll find that living in the city is comparatively less costly compared to other urban locations. Staying in London is ideal. Why? Interestingly, the cost of food in London is cheaper compared to food expenses in Australia.

What You Need to Know About Shared Accommodation

Choosing the right people who will live with you is critical. It’s better to share accommodation with your relatives or trusted friends. This way, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable stay in your accommodation of choice. The familiarity will allow you to avoid being homesick, lonely, and different.

How Much You Need to Survive in London

Before you move to London for school or work, it’s essential to do some research about the market. Look for a place near your work. Typically, for you to afford to live in London, you must earn a considerable income. To be on a safe side, aim to make at least £40,000.

When you need to find another job, you can consider recruitment agencies. They can help you find a suitable job based on your availability. If you happen to have lost a job unexpectedly, you can seek help from the Jobcentre Plus Office. You’ll be provided with adequate support.

A Decent Lifestyle

Whether you are a student or an employee, you can live in London comfortably if you have the right lifestyle. You can find cheaper accommodations in areas away from the financial district. Food markets and food places can be pricey in London. But according to Londoners, living in the city is worth the expenses.

Going to work that would take a walk can significantly help you save money. You could use the money you saved for something else, rather than spend it on transportation or gas. You can use several websites, as they can offer great deals and discount vouchers to help you save more money.

Be Friendly

people celebrating at the rooftop

You can make new friends in London easily, as the residents are approachable. When you reach out to friends, you can gain more benefits than you can imagine. Making friends with locals makes a big difference. Participate in community events to strengthen your social relationships.

There are lots of places to explore in London. When you have some time, have a tour. You might find a great opportunity that can improve your lifestyle. Living in London can be a life-changing moment for you. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure a good life while in London.

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