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2020 was a year of countless challenges, stresses, and unforeseen circumstances. As we all were forced to adapt to living through unprecedented times, many people found themselves unable to get cosmetic orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Weybridge as easily as before. As a result, many people’s orthodontic and oral health may have lapsed slightly throughout the months of lockdown restrictions.

Now, however, as we slowly but surely return to life as we once knew it, anyone who experienced difficulty getting such treatment should now try again and ask a trusted expert dental practitioner about getting Invisalign treatment.

Having visibly out of place or wonky-looking teeth can result in a lasting and detrimental effect on a patient’s self-esteem and social confidence. During these exciting times when life is getting increasingly warmer and brighter, anyone who feels self-conscious about how their teeth look should seriously consider speaking to a professional about Invisalign.

What exactly is the Invisalign system?

Most people out there could probably recognise traditional metallic braces from their obvious and overt presence within a patient’s mouth. With Invisalign however, it is almost completely impossible to detect when patients are undergoing treatment, as the aligners have been designed to leave almost no visible impact on a patient’s appearance.

The Invisalign retainer system is an alternative cosmetic orthodontic treatment that aims to discreetly align a patient’s teeth through a non-invasive, comfortable process.

Rather than using brackets and wires as traditional braces would, the Invisalign retainer system consists purely of a removable, transparent plastic dental retainer. Within the structure of every retainer, there are pressure points that force specific teeth into place over time.

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Why choose Invisalign?

As every Invisalign retainer is made specifically around the tooth structure of the patient receiving treatment, when they place their dental retainer over their teeth it completely slips out of view. This means that patients can undertake orthodontic alignment – without anyone ever knowing.

This is seen as a major attraction of the product, particularly within the demographic of teenagers and young adults who wish to do something proactive about their smile, but don’t wish for their peers or colleagues to notice them doing so.

Another advantage of the Invisalign process which sets it apart from conventional fused braces is that aligners can be taken out with ease whenever the patient wishes. This again has countless social advantages, as the patient can take out their retainer for important events (such as dates or job interviews) and can eat even the most difficult-to-chew foods without any risk of damaging their orthodontic progress.

How do I get Invisalign?

Although the Invisalign system has helped transform millions of smiles across the globe since it was first released in 2001, not every smile can be treated with Invisalign. This is because some patients may require more complex treatments, and others may not be dentally fit enough to carry out the process effectively.

For this reason, every course of Invisalign treatment from a reputable dental provider should always begin with a consultation and examination to assess each patient’s eligibility.

Providing you are eligible, however, the Invisalign process has the potential to completely reshape your dental future – so why not speak to a local trusted provider about your options today?

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